Mental Overhaul

Pick up is about YOU.  Not her.

Everyday guys keep asking the same questions over and over:

  • “What do I say to HER?” 
  • “What do I text HER?”
  • “How do I approach HER?”
  • “What if SHE responds this way or that way?”

If you’re asking these questions then you’re missing the point completely.

The questions you should be asking are about YOU. What needs to be done about you?

The List:

-Don’t like the way you look? Fix it.

-Too scrawny? Buy some dumbbells.

-Too fat? Haul your ass down to the gym.

-Too ugly? Learn to shave your facial hair in a way that elongates your jaw structure.

-Still too ugly? Get a better hair cut. Buy color contacts. Get some acne cream. Get a tan.

-Bald? Who gives a shit. Bald guys get laid all the time.

-No social skills? Find a dude you like and trust. Tell him: “bro, I don’t have any fucking social skills. Help me. Teach me how to talk to people.” Be straight up.

-Don’t know hot to talk to girls? Learn about free association. Learn not to give a fuck and just say whatever. Pick a guru you like on this sub and listen to him. (Here’s the secret -- they’re all right and they’re all wrong. Why? Because everything works sometimes. And nothing works all the time).

-No hobbies? Get off your ass and find some.

-Bad clothes? Really that’s your fucking excuse? Dressing well doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to shop at Nordstrom to get laid.

-No wings? Find some.

-Tinder girl not answering? Forget her.

-Girl you met in person not answering? Next.

-Approach anxiety? How about dying a virgin? Which is more scary?

-Nervous about rejection? Make it a point tomorrow to go get rejected 20 times. ON PURPOSE. At the end you’ll realize it makes no fucking difference. And you’ll never have felt so confident in your life. (Plus you'll probably get some numbers along the way).

When you’re done with all that, realize that everything on this list is within your control. And it’s time to fix it.

Even more important: Fixing it. Taking pride in yourself. Being a man who gets his shit together. That’s what girls really want anyway.

They don’t want dudes on the fuck-up list above who memorized some pick up lines.

So stop asking about HER. Start asking about YOU. Once you do that, you’ll discover that girls are really easy to find.

Actually, they’ll start finding you.


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