Indian Guys - #1 (Surprisingly Obvious) Tip To Getting A Western Girl

When I was putting together my latest book, The Indian Dating Guide, I put in a couple calls to my cousin, who is dating an Indian guy named Tony. That’s right, Tony. I’ll get to that in a second.

My cousin btw is about as Catholic, American Pie as it gets.

I asked her and Tony all kind of questions about their relationship, how they met, etc. Tony was full of great information, but one thing stood out for me above all, and it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

He told me that after he started dating my cousin Lisa, all his buddies started asking him how me managed that. They wanted his secret. What did he tell them? “I went over and talked to her.”

That’s it. He approached.

He went on to tell me that Indian guys he knows will often immediately disqualify themselves (for a variety of reasons) when they see a western girl they’re interested in. So they just won’t approach her. And obviously if they don’t approach, then they don’t get any dates.

Then I started casually asking women in my social circle if they’d ever been approached by (or dated) an Indian guy. Three women said yes. There were like three dozen that said no. Now obviously this is not some scientifically/statistically accurate measurement, but the general point seems clear. If you’re an Indian guy and you are interested in dating a western woman, you need to start approaching. If you’re disqualifying yourself for some reason, you need to stop.

BTW, if you’re wondering why my cousin’s boyfriend’s name is Tony, here’s why. It’s not his birth name. His birth name is something I can’t pronounce or spell. It’s a nickname he gave himself. He told me that as soon as he did that, he immediately saw improvement in his game with western girls.


He gave me two reasons. One, because the name Tony made him more relatable. Western girls grew up hearing the name Tony, which makes it familiar. Two, because it’s a totally unexpected name for him, which almost always makes the girl smile (due to it being unexpected) and is therefore a great conversation starter.

Give it a try. Approach some girls you would normally not approach and give yourself a nickname to start the conversation.

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