Men With Asperger's, Autism or ASD Looking To Improve Conversation, Social & Dating Skills

Did you know there's a formula for having a basic conversation?

It's true.  Just follow the formula and you can have a 10 minute, 30 minute or even 1 hour long conversation without (1) running out of things to say and (2) dominating a conversation with only one topic. 

Did you know you can make a woman feel emotionally connected to you, just by saying certain things?

Understanding "why" those things make her feel an emotional connection isn't even required.  All you have to do is say them. 

Did you know there are logical ways to determine what a neurotypical "means" even when she doesn't directly state what she really wants?

Well there are. 

There are lots of logical, practical ways to simplify living in the irrational, illogical world of neurotypicals. 

What Should I Do?

Have you ever asked yourself that question before?

It's often not clear is it?  The world of neurotypicals I mean.  

Why do they say something and then expect me to decipher the underlying meaning?  How am I supposed to participate in the neurotypical dating game when I can't understand their social cues?

Those questions identify the fundamental issue with all the dating advice in the world today.  That advice doesn't accept the realities of autism.  It's written to provide you with all kinds of fancy tips and subtle tricks, which all rely on your ability to operate like a neurotypical.  How useless. 

It's time for a change.  It's time for a course that accepts that:

- Social cues and pleasantries are not obvious. 

- Emotional reciprocity is not natural.

- How much talking is "too much," and how much is "too little" is not clear. 

- Telling if a woman is enjoying herself isn't self-evident. 

- What should I be looking at if I struggle to  make eye contact?

- How do I make conversation when I don't know what to say?

- How do I meet a woman?

- How do I set up a date to minimize unexpected circumstances?

- Can I have a pre-arranged escape plan to exit uncomfortable social situations?

Well it's time for some advice that does accept those realities.  It's time for a course that takes a logical approach to the illogical world of neurotypical courtship.  

It's time for a course designed with you in mind.

The Ultimate Attraction Guide for ASD

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Dating On The Spectrum

Our guide for men on the spectrum focuses heavily on understanding how to make conversation with neurotypicals, even when you can't understand their social cues. 

This 91 page mega-course is organized in sections that build on each other.  Concepts are introduced and then revisited in later sections where they are incorporated with other techniques.

The sections of this eCourse are as follows:

 - Let’s Elaborate

 - General Conversation Rule 1 Defined

 - “Because” Your First Elaboration Technique

 - What If You Don’t Know What To Elaborate About?

 - Neurotypical Problem 1 Defined

 - Elaboration Technique 2 Defined

 - Neurotypical Assumption 1 Defined

 - The 5WH

 - Examples

 - Elaboration Technique 3 Defined

 - Neurotypical Reaction

 - Meeting A Woman

 - The 4 Ways To Meet Women

 - Let’s Have A Conversation

 - General Conversation Rule 2 Defined: What’s The Pattern?

 - Neurotypical Problem 2 Defined

 - Did I Just Express Empathy?

 - Meeting A Woman Online

 - Dating Sites

 - What To Do With Matches

 - Message Me!

 - Neurotypical Problem 3 Defined

 - Neurotypical Assumption 2 Defined

 - Did I Just Show Empathy Again?

 - General Conversation Rule 3 Defined: The Sorry/Compliment Framework

 - Forums

 - Let’s Elaborate Some More

 - Messaging Women Online - How Much Connection Do You Need?

 - Steps To Build A Connection

 - Messaging About Autism

 - Signs You’ve Established A Connection

 - Message Timing

 - Let’s Keep Elaborating

 - General Conversation Rule 4

 - Elaboration Technique 4 Defined

 - General Conversation Rule 5

 - Social Environment That’s Not About Dating

 - Idioms

 - Talk To Me!

 - General Conversation Rule 6

 - Going On A Date

 - First Date Timing

 - Blank Stare

 - Eye Contact

 - Intermittent Direct Eye Contact

 - Discussing The Eye Contact Issue

 - What to Talk About on a Date

 - Simple Questions To Make Small Talk With A Woman

 - Tack on a “So”

 - “That’s Cool”

 - What Does A Woman Want Out of Small Talk?

 - Pay Attention To Information Received in Small Talk

 - The Conversation Formula

 - Women Want To Learn About You

 - Single Vocal Tone & Pauses

 - Reading Out Loud

 - Expressing Empathy - A Logical Approach

 - Neurotypical Assumption 3

 - Questions To Ask A Woman - To Get Into Deeper Conversation

 - Sticking To One Topic Too Long

 - How To Tell If A Woman is Enjoying Herself

 - Dating Etiquette With Women

 - How To Get Out (Escape A Dating / Social Situation)

 - Touching

 - How to Kiss a Woman

 - Logical Strategies To Create An Emotional Connection, Even When You Can't Understand Her Emotions

 - Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend During Weekly Relationship Meeting

 - The Routine of Bettering Yourself

Dating On The Spectrum

Our guide for men on the spectrum focuses heavily on understanding how to make conversation with neurotypicals, even when you can't understand their social cues. 

What This Guide Is

- This guide is about identifying the most logical, realistic approach for meeting a woman, and building a satisfying relationship and a life.  

- This guide is designed for adult men who have minimal (if any) experience with women. 

- This guide is heavily focused on learning to make conversation.  

- This guide is about making the subject of courtship as predictable and routine as possible for the reader. 

- This guide is about identifying logical ways to make women feel an emotional connection to the reader, even if he can't understand her expectations and social cues.

- This guide is about pragmatism and actionable steps that you can take, starting right away, so instead of wishing  you could have a relationship with a woman, you can actually have one. 

What This Guide Not

- This guide is not a cure for autism.

- This guide does not teach the fundamental social skills necessary to function unsupervised in modern society. 

- This guide is not designed for children. 

- This guide is not a "feel good" manual peddling "positive thoughts" that are supposed to make women flock toward you from every direction. 

- This guide is not a rant in "changing your mindset."

- This guide is not for "players" and "pick-up artists."

- This guide is not a "book of secrets" that neurotypicals have been withholding from you.  

- This guide is not an academic whitepaper filled with complicated-sounding mumbo-jumbo that nobody can understand anyway. 

Dating On The Spectrum

Our guide for men on the spectrum focuses heavily on understanding how to make conversation with neurotypicals, even when you can't understand their social cues. 

This guide is for entertainment purposes only.  No results from following this guidance can be guaranteed.  Your results may vary.

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