The Smirk

We all know that alpha body language, alpha facial expression, alpha mannerisms, alpha eye contact, and essentially carrying yourself as an alpha, are the most important things to seducing women.

In my post on eye contact, we discussed the methods I used to develop, strong, alpha eye movements and contact. But eyes are only one part of the face. To truly look at women with a strong alpha gaze, we need a combination of eyes AND smirk.

Smirk includes not only the mouth, but essentially everything below the eyes and above the chin.

In this post I’ve laid out the exact steps you should take to develop the smirk.

Let’s begin.

What does the smirk represent? Confidence? Yes. Cockiness? Yes. Comfort with yourself as a man? Yes. An expression that non-verbally tells a woman all the naughty (and perhaps downright disgusting) things you’re going to do to her sexually --- and the fact that she’s going to love it, and come begging for more? Absolutely.

The smirk tells a woman that you’re fun, spontaneous and decisive. That other women want you, and you know it. That you’re not a man who chases women, but rather a man who women chase. That you tease and play and are always one step ahead of her. Someone she will struggle to figure out, and who is always full of surprises. A man that is comfortable in his own skin.

The smirk is the look that makes women horny. If done correctly, it can literally make women throw themselves at you. That’s not a joke. Read my story at the end of this article for an example.

So how do you develop the smirk for yourself? Do you google “cocky smirk men” and try to imitate the dozens of pictures you’ll find? Of course not. You can’t imitate someone else's smirk. If you try that, you will look awkward and ridiculous. Everyone’s face is unique. Thus everyone’s smirk will be unique. Yours will be the one that looks best on your unique face, when you have the right thoughts and feelings flowing through your body.

Let me say that again. When the correct, masculine, dominant, alpha thoughts, feelings and emotions are coursing through your veins and oozing from every pore in your body, you’re unique, confident, pussy-melting smirk, will be plastered all over your face.

Before we continue, let me acknowledge that everybody’s comfort level with written expression is different. Especially language related to sex. I realize this. At the same time, gentlemen, this post is about seduction. And seduction is ultimately about sex. If you’re not comfortable talking about sex in written expression, then how are you ever going to be comfortable pursuing women for (at least in part) having sex? Please think about that and decide if you’d like to move forward reading this content.

Let’s play a game. Imagine you’re on a date (and guys, really try to visualize this as we go along, don’t just read it and stuff Pop-Tarts into your mouth). Let’s say it’s a 4th date. Or a 6th date. Or a 10th date. Whatever you think is the appropriate time frame where two people are forming a relationship and (a) they’ve not had sex yet, but (b) it seems like having sex is close on the horizon. Maybe even tonight.

Quick note: If you’re just starting out or relatively inexperienced in the dating world (perhaps a virgin), and imagining this date seems challenging, just try this. For now, just think about a movie you’ve seen where two people are in the situation above (if you’ve never seen a movie like that, well….time to go rent one). Just pretend you’re the guy you saw in the movie, and you’re sitting with the girl in the movie.

So, sex is on the horizon. And let’s say you’re sitting in a restaurant, in a booth, both on the same side. She’s holding one of your arms. One of her hands is resting on your upper thigh. Maybe not right on top of your joystick, but not too far away. And perhaps making its creepy, crawly, way closer.

You can feel the heat from her body. Her perfume. The swell of her chest as she breathes, in and out. In and out…

Pretend that you KNOW, that she wants you. There’s no uncertainty. You KNOW. She’s ready. Maybe she even whispered in your ear earlier: “I think tonight is the night.”

Now think about yourself. You’re sitting there, confident, happy. A big smile on your face. She’s a hot girl, and she wants you. And you know it. And then you make a decision. Because confident, spontaneous, alpha, men make decisions. And when they decide something, that’s the end of it.

You turn to her. Her eyes are sparkling. She’s biting her lower lip with nervousness and anticipation. You look at her. You look into her twinkling eyes like you own her mind, body and soul.

And you say: “I’ve decided that we’re gonna skip the movie. Instead, I’m gonna take you home right now, pull your panties off, and then I’m going to do anything I want to your little naked body.”

And now imagine that she says……OK :-) With a nice....big….fat….smile.

How do you feel right now? How would you feel in that exact moment, in that situation?

You’d feel pretty fucking good. It’s a moment that would make any red blooded man feel on top of the world. And if you can really feel the emotion of that moment, then you know what emotion you need to develop your smirk.

Because the guys who walk around with the smirk plastered on their face, feel that emotion all the time. Those are the guys who tell women that their panties are coming off. Not ask. Tell. And then guess what? Those panties come right off. And when they do, rest assured that no lubrication from a bottle is ever required. Those women are ready to go.

So now we’ve identified the emotion needed to develop your smirk, how do we get this emotion to occur?

Think again about having the experience in the exercise above. What if that was real and happening regularly? What if you exuded so much ridiculous masculine confidence that women couldn’t keep themselves off of you? Do you think the smirk would be plastered all over your face? Basically all the time? Of course it would be.

Now reverse it. What if the smirk was plastered all over your face? All the time. I mean for real. Like somehow you waived a magic wand and the smirk was just there, making confidence ooze out of you. Do you think you’d look at women with total confidence?


Do you think women would be flocking to you? Of course they would be.

So which comes first? It’s a simple chicken and egg. Having the smirk attracts women. And attracting women naturally creates the smirk? So how can you get the smirk on your face if you can’t attract women? And how can you attract women, if you can’t get the smirk on your face?

Furthermore, it’s a chicken and egg cycle. And it can spiral for the better, or for the worse.


For the better: You get a girl, the smirk improves. Because the smirk improves, you get another girl. Because you got another girl, the smirk improves again. And so on.

For the worse: You can’t get a girl, the smirk fades and is replaced by self doubt. Because of more self doubt, you fail with another girl. Because you failed again, less smirk and more self doubt. And round and round the cycle goes.

But notice that it’s the same cycle. It’s just spiraling in opposite directions.

And if you’re currently spirling in the “for the worse” direction, what needs to be done to reverse the cycle? Well you need something in the “for the better” direction to occur. You either need to:

  1. Get a girl, or
  2. Get an improved smirk

AND IT DOESN’T MATTER WHICH ONE COMES FIRST, because it’s a cycle. If you get a girl, the smirk will improve. If the smirk improves, you will get a girl. So you just need to make either one happen.

So here’s your choices. If you want to just get a girl. If you to skip all the smirk training below. If you want to say fuck all this crap, fuck my problems, fuck my weaknesses, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it. I’m just going to pretend NONE OF IT EXISTS.I’m going to, for a lousy 10 minutes, just say fuck everything and I’m going to walk up to a girl with every ounce of confidence that I can muster. And I am going to get a girl. I don’t care how many approaches or rejections it will take. I am going to get a girl. Fuck everything else.

If you want to do that, and reverse the cycle by getting the girl first. Then go read my post on saying “fuck it.” And forget the rest of this training. Once you get the girl, your smirk will start to develop naturally. And all of your alpha masculine body language will follow (your body follows your face).

If you don’t want to take the fuck it approach. If you want to reverse the cycle by gaining confidence first. By developing a smirk and the body language associated with it first, then continue on.

The training that follows is designed to take two weeks. Follow it as laid out. Don’t rush it. There are some things you need to think about and change in your life. Take the necessary time and you’ll be amazed by your personal transition.

Week 1: Step 1: Get Comfortable With Yourself. Accept Yourself for Who You Are.

We’ve all heard this before. But what is usually left out? That this applies to EVERYONE, not just YOU. All the “cool” guys, the “good looking” guys, the “alpha” guys. All these guys had to get comfortable with themselves. They had to accept who they are. You think these guys are perfect? That they have perfect lives? These guys are just as screwed up as everyone else. They have drug problems, alcohol problems, smoking problems, mental problems, family problems, money problems, work problems and a whole slew of other crap.

So what’s the difference between them and you? They’ve accepted it already, and you still need to accept it. That’s the only difference. They’ve taken the position that basically, LIFE IS FULL OF PROBLEMS FOR EVERYONE. MAY AS WELL HAVE SOME HOT CHICKS TOO. And btw, the “hot chicks,” that you might be putting up on a pedestal as something which cannot be obtained, they’re all screwed up as well.

Remember that “hot chicks” are just people. People who played in the dirt when they were kids and had mashed carrots dripping of their faces at dinner time. People who were picked on all thought growing up. Their breasts developed too soon. Maybe too late. Period started too early. Maybe too late. They were abused. They had zits. They fart. They smell.

Just because they slap on some makeup and spray perfume, doesn't make them anything other than people.People with all the same problems as the “studs” from the paragraph above.

There are people born in this world with missing limbs or otherwise deformed. Or they never grow more than 3 ft tall. Or they’re obese and can't get out of bed. Or they hoard their trash and live in a home of refuse and disease. This list is endless.

So how do you get comfortable with yourself? How do you accept yourself? Get a piece of paper and a pen. Then spend some time on the internet over 3-4 days. Find stories, articles, whatever, about 50 people. 50 people whose problems are worse than yours. Write down their names and problems. When the list is complete, spend the remainder of Week 1 looking at it and really thinking about this:

The problems you’re complaining about. The self doubt. The self pity. The hopelessness. I’m a nerd. I’m socially awkward. I’m not in a frat. Whatever. Are your problems really that bad? Look at the 50 people on your list. Are your problems really that bad?

Think about it for a couple days. And decide if it’s time to stop complaining and start taking action to get the things you want. Time to accept that we all have problems. And you're going to accept that, stop dwelling on it, stop focusing on it, and instead turn your focus onto finding a girl to share your problems with. And I’m going to do it with a big fucking smile.

And you know what? The girl you find, she’s gonna have a whole bag of problems too. And you know what she’s gonna share with you besides her pussy? You guessed it. That whole bag full of problems she’s been hauling around her whole life :-)

So get over yourself. Stop taking yourself so seriously. And really make the list. Don’t just think about making the list. Thinking about it gets you nowhere. You’ve been thinking about lots of stuff for a long time. Start doing.

Week 2: Step 2: The Smirk

At this point you should be more comfortable with yourself. More comfortable in your own skin. At least somewhat more comfortable. These ideas take time to grow, so you can continue with Step 2 as long as you feel somewhat better about yourself after taking action in Step 1. If you’ve made literally no progress with Step 1, then moving on to Step 2 is pointless. How are you going to put the smirk on your face, if you can’t even get out of your own way?

If my suggested approach in Step 1 to address your beliefs about yourself hasn’t worked, there’s lots of other ideas out there. Go find something that resonates with you, start pulling yourself up, and then come back and work on the smirk later.

Alright, let’s get into the panty dropping, leg spreading, o-facing good times, that come with the smirk.

What feelings do we need to develop and refine your unique, personal smirk? We need the feeling of being so confident, so masculine, so alpha, so delusionally full of ourselves, that we tell women when to drop their panties. And they do it.

So, stand in front of your bathroom mirror. Look at yourself. If you read my post on eye contact, you should be giving yourself quality eye contact.

Now imagine that there’s a hot girl standing in the mirror. You’re talking to this hot girl. If possible, try to make it someone you’re actually interested in. Like the chick you’ve been staring at for weeks and have done nothing about.

If you have trouble with this visualization exercise, go get a picture of a hot girl from a magazine or somewhere (and no, not a porno picture, a picture of a sexy women who is wearing clothes).

Now, look at this girl, and say with all the seriousness, confidence, alphaness, ridiculous masculine swagger than you can muster:

“I’m going to take you home and bang the crap out of you.”

Now for some of you, that may have sounded really weird with your voice behind it. Some of you may have burst out laughing when you read that. Some of you may be reading that and thinking: “I can’t say that.” (Guys that’s like the PG-13 version ok, let’s collect ourselves here.)

Let me ask you this? If you can’t look at an imaginary woman, and with complete seriousness tell her that: “You’re the man, she’s the woman, you’re going to bang her until she literally explodes. And you’re going to do it right now. End of story.”

If you can’t do that. Then how exactly are you going to project that message in your face? In your smirk? In real life. Because isn’t that what the smirk projects?

All the “studs” out there with the smirk plastered on their faces, what are their smirks saying? Are they saying: “Let’s go get some yarn from the 5-n-Dime sweetheart and tonight over I Love Lucy reruns, maybe you can crochet me winter hat for my garden gnome.”

Is that what the smirk is saying?

NO! Of course not. It’s saying: “Panties down. Ass up. And when we’re done, make sure to grab me a beer.”

So, go try it again.

Keep saying it until it feels totally natural. Until you can feel it resonate in every fiber of your being. Until you can say it with such clarity and masculinity and emotion that it actually feels real. UNTIL YOU LITERALLY SURPRISE YOURSELF because the last version to come out of your mouth actually felt real. You, yes YOU, actually believed it.

If this feels weird, remember that actors stand in the mirror and practice lines all day. They practice fake shit until it becomes real. Until they truly feel it in the marrow of every bone and the core of every cell coursing through their bodies. And these people are paid millions upon millions of dollars to take fake shit, LITERALLY A FAKE LINE WRITTEN ON A PIECE OF PAPER, and make it real. That’s how it becomes real. Practice and feeling and emotion. That’s why when you drop your $20 bucks to take your chick to a movie, you get sucked in by how it feels real. You become mesmerized. Because that actor took a fake line, practiced it over and over in the mirror, until it felt real.

You are the only actor in your life. And for this exercise you need to learn, and practice, and master ONE LINE. Not a whole movie script. One lousy line. If that’s too much to handle, make sure to really ask yourself: “Do I really want to change? Or am I content just spending the rest of my life complaining?” The answer could be the latter. And if it is, that’s fine.

And when the time comes. When the last version of the phrase to come out of your mouth startles you. When it feels so real. When if feels like a statement actually belongs to you. That is part of you. That is literally ingrained into your soul. When the truly confident, alpha, masculine version of yourself appears. The version that’s been hidden away under the whining and complaining for so long. 

When he appears. When you feel it happen. Look at your face in the mirror. Whatever cocky, arrogant, pompous, dominant, masculine, alpha smirk is on your face at that moment, that’s your personal, unique smirk.


Practice the drill in Step 2 morning and night for a week. Just 5 minutes each session should be enough. Look at your smirk as practice this. Embrace it. Develop it. Your smirk will become better and more natural with practice. Allow yourself to look cocky as fuck. Allow yourself to look like the person you actually want to be.

If desired, you should change the statement to whatever makes you the most comfortable. It does not have to be “I’m going to take you home and bang the crap out of you.” In my view that’s the PG-13 version. You should go R or even XXX, to really get the emotions you need for your unique smirk. Go to a level that you are comfortable with.

After a week, change from saying the statement out-loud to thinking it. Try to think it and have the smirk develop on your face. If it doesn’t work as well, switch off between saying it and thinking it, until thinking it alone works.

Practice thinking it for however long it takes until you basically can think the statement, and the smirk is right there, on your face, ready to go. At that point, you won’t even need to think about it, the smirk will just be there when needed.

When/How to Use the Smirk

Let’s clarify some when/how questions about the smirk.

First, earlier it was stated that alpha men tell women: panties off, ass up. Or something to that effect. This is true. BUT THIS IS ONLY TRUE IF USED AT THE RIGHT TIME, UNDER THE RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES. This should hopefully go without saying. But just so there’s no confusion…. Don’t go around telling random women or women you’re not already at some level of romantic involvement with: I’m going to take you home and bang the crap out of you (or anything similar).

Let’s use common sense people.

The purpose of the smirk is to PROJECT THAT MESSAGE FOR YOU NON-VERBALLY, so you don’t have to say it. In fact, there are plenty of women who hate vulgar talk. They are often ridiculously freaky in the sheets. But for some reason the can’t handle dirty talk. There’s a girl in my past who would do the most unspeakable things with her mouth and tongue. Absolutely disgusting, perverted things. But she would never utter a single dirty word. Even if I said the word “boobs,” she would be upset. Scratch your head on that one.

But all women, and I do mean ALL WOMEN, respond to non-verbal communication. So let your smirk do the talking for you, and you’ll be amazed by the results.

And once you’re involved with a woman, you’ll know what she likes and doesn’t like and when you can move to saying stuff like this out loud. For now, err on the side of letting your smirk do the talking. Trust me that an alpha smirk is all the messaging she needs to start feeling wet.

How/When: The intention with the smirk is not for you to look “non-smirk” in general, and then "smirk" when you look at a girl. Trying something like that might actually make you look creepy and weird. Instead, THE SMIRK IS OFTEN BEST WHEN YOU’RE NOT LOOKING DIRECTLY AT THE GIRL. This is because it’s less intrusive and direct. You don’t need to be looking at her, for her to see the smirk, and feel the confidence resonating out of you.

Imagine you’re sitting in a restaurant at dinner. There’s a pause in the conversation. You look away, across the room. You see another woman. Look at that woman and think the smirk phrase, and allow the smirk to form on your face. You’re not looking at this other lady to get her attention. Just something to look at. If that makes you uncomfortable, look at a bald waiter (but note that thinking the smirk phrase while looking at a bald waiter, can feel a little strange).

Allow the smirk to form, and then sit there like a dominant man for a few moments relishing the experience. Trust me, you’re girl will see the smirk. And that’s all that matters. And when she sees it, damn will she be turned on. When the moment passes, just turn back to her and don’t overthink it. If the smirk stays, it stays. If it goes it goes. Whatever. Just have fun!

And if you actually take the time to get good at this, the cycle above: smirk - chicks - more smirk - more chicks, etc, will just happen naturally.

Below is a story of how the bold, masculine, alpha, confidence oozing smirk (and the related body language, attitude, and bravado that comes with it) made a woman literally throw herself at me.

And the most interesting part, which really emphasizes my point above that you don’t need to be looking at the girl for the smirk to work, is that in the 1 to 2 hour period when I attracted this woman, I literally didn't even know she was there.

It’s a long story. But it’s a fun one.

A while back I was in Mexico on a business trip. Cabo to be exact. My company was hosting a 3 day seminar for clients. Now let me put a few things in context for you. At the time I was a really junior dude in a really big company. Basically a nobody from the Company’s perspective. In fact, the only reason I was even on this trip was because a higher-up in my company backed out of going at the last minute. Basically my boss’s boss just needed a warm body to fill a hotel room.

So the last night of the seminar they take us off the resort property to some dinner and a show. After arriving back, I was walking toward my room and I, quite literally, come to a fork in the road. The path leading left went to my room. The path leading right went to the hotel cantina. I could hear music and a commotion of voices coming from the cantina. Basically it was jumping.

Now let me backup for a second. Around lunch that day I’d been in the cantina. Like I said I really had no function at this seminar except to look pretty. So why not get a few beers in early? I mean when in ol’ Mexico right?

So I’m in the cantina a few minutes, when an absolutely banging little senorita cocktail waitress appears out of nowhere. I mean this girl was racked and stacked, let me tell ya. I love what rice and beans do for a booty.

Anyway, I’ve got a nice buzz going, and the waves are crashing outside, and I get this idea. An image of my room appears in my head. Suite actually. It had a jacuzzi tub overlooking the ocean. Seriously, it was ridiculous.

So I think, you know what would look great in that tub, besides me and water? You guessed it. So I call her over (she was a cocktail server after all) and started laying down game.

Unfortunately, it became immediately apparent that she basically spoke no English. Another problem was that my Spanish is pretty much limited to food and drinks. Once off those topics, I’m basically screwed. So as you can imagine, me hitting on this girl is going nowhere. Poor girl probably thought I was trying to order a quesadilla.

So after a minute or two of getting nowhere, I notice that the bartender, a dude, is chuckling to himself. It turns out he spoke better English (not great, but better) and was enjoying watching me fumble around and fuck things up. So at this point, being the resourceful dude that I am, I somehow convince the bartender to help me hit on this girl. Basically his job was to be the translator, while I ask this chick out. How ridiculous is that?

So we try this. And as soon as she realizes that I’m hitting on her, she gets immediately embarrassed, and is like “no, no, no.” And basically rejects me, in Spanish. Trust me guys, a rejection is the same in any language, even if you really don’t understand what’s going on.

Then she leaves.

Now I’m looking at the bartender like “what the hell was that?” He’s shrugging his shoulders like he has no idea. And basically the entire plan backfired. Needless to say, my beautiful bathroom jacuzzi remained unused for the rest of the day.

So, back to the crossroads. I hear the cantina jumping and I decide, fuck it. Last night in Mexico afterall. And maybe the little senorita is in there. And maybe I can do a better fucking job this time.

So I go in. It’s a small place. Picture 8 bar stools and 4 high top tables, and that’s it. And since there were maybe 20-25 people in there, it seemed very busy. About 50/50 men vs. women. So I look around. There are a few people I know. A few people I recognize, but don’t really know. And then some randoms I’ve never seen. So I say hi to a few people and mill around. The senorita is nowhere to be seen. The bartender who failed me earlier is there, but who cares. So I start considering calling it a night. But then, somehow, without really thinking about this too carefully, I grab one of my buddies by the shoulders (think bro hug type shit) and yell out, “tequila shots all around!!!”

This immediately got applause and rave reviews from all directions. Hoots and hollers. People yelling all kinds of dumb, drunk, happy shit. The bartender starts lining up shot glasses. Remember this is a small place so me yelling that pretty much filled the room.

Instantly I’m the life of the party. Everyone there is suddenly my best friend. Btw, this is a really good strategy if you want to become life of the party instantly, and have a few bucks to blow.

Now for full disclosure, I had a company credit card. And while I probably wasn’t supposed to buy multiple rounds of drinks for everyone in the bar, well, fuck it. Ask for forgiveness, not for permission I always say. And I didn’t get reprimanded too badly about it later. So all was good!

So at this point I’m mingling around everywhere. I’m toasting everyone. I have BFFs coming out of my ears. People I don’t know are taking selfies with me. Some people are dancing. Everyone’s having a grand ol’ time. Literally I have gone from just another dude in the bar, to the leader of this party.

So while I’m strutting around like the most confident, dominant, alpha male within 50 miles of this joint, something else is happening that I’m completely unaware of. I only discover this later. There’s a woman in the bar who I don’t know. She’s kind of on the outer-ring of the party, so to speak. It’s possible I toasted with her at some point, since I was toasting with everybody, but to this day I have no recollection of seeing her in the cantina.

Nonetheless, (and again, unbeknownst to me), this woman is becoming ridiculously attracted to me. She’s zoned in on the delusional, alpha confidence pouring out of me at this moment, and she’s hooked. She is getting wet. And I have absolutely no idea that she is even there.

So the party rolls on. And eventually the bartender announces he’s closing the cantina and we all have to go. This elicits a round of yelling and boos from the crowd. These people were ready to go all night. But the bartender was insistent.

However, before he got too irritated,I make a decision. A spontaneous, bold, leadership decision. I yell to the bartender to give me a 12-pack of beer, to-go, and then yell out “we’re all going to the jacuzzi!” (and I don't mean the one in my room -- the big one by the pool). This command gets a fresh round of cheers from the crowd.

So do I look around? Try to figure out who wants to go? Try to figure out if we have enough beer, blah, blah, blah? Fuck no. I grab the 12-pack and walk out the door. No looking back. Decisive, alpha male behavior at its finest.

When I get to the spa, I turn around. About half the people in the cantina followed me down there. There’s now maybe 10-12 people stripping down and jumping in. Think underwear and bras, not skinny dipping.

It turns out that the woman from the bar, the one who is now intensely attracted to me, is one of the people who came to the spa. Although at this point, she is still completely off my radar. The party resumes, and at some point later, this woman is finally introduced to me by her boss (another drunk woman chilling in the jacuzzi -- who I did know, and had been talking to). We’ll call this mystery woman Stacey. Not her real name, but you know how these things go.

Stacey then introduces me to the man standing behind her in the jacuzzi. Wait for it….yes! It’s her husband! A firefighter who, from what I recall, looked like he spent plenty of time at the gym. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no slouch. But this guy was definitely bigger than me.

So at this point, let me ask you a question. Should I be thinking that Stacey (a woman who turned out to be quite hot btw, big silicone tits, and the works), a married woman, whose stud-boy husband is standing right there, has even the slightest interest in me? Of course not. And I didn’t. I shook hands with both of them. Nice to meet you. Blah, blah, blah. Turns out she is a junior person at a client of my company. And that was it. She was once again completely off my radar.

So the party continues, but starts to slow as the beer begins to vanish. Mind you we’re all pretty toasted at this point, as you can imagine. It’s a beautiful night, full moon, waves crashing nearby, and the jacuzzi jets are really pumping. The place was like a cauldron of white bubbles and steam. You could not see below the surface of the water, if you catch my drift.

Then at some point I find myself sitting next to Stacey. I’m on one side, her half-passed out husband is on her other side. I’m not even facing her, I’m talking to the person on my other side. That’s when I feel something rubbing on the lower part of my leg. It took a few moments to register. I probably thought someone just kicked me by accident. But I quickly realized that this was happening on purpose. Stacey was basically rubbing her foot up and down the lower part of my leg, on purpose.

So what do I do? Well, like any alpha male (or drunk idiot), I slide my hand over and put it on her leg. Think upper thigh, about a hand-length from the honeypot. I don’t look at her thought, because something in my head says that might not be a good idea. What if her husband noticed? Does something in my head say that none of this is a good idea?? I don’t know. Apparently not….

So while I’m having some nonsense conversation with the person on my right, Stacey is rubbing my leg with her foot on my left, I’m rubbing her leg with my hand. Stud hubby is half-dozing on the other side of her. And it’s all happening unseen below the bubbling cauldron of white bubbles and steam.

And that’s where it ended for the night. The beer dried up. People went back to their rooms. Stacey and hubby said their goodnights. She never looked back toward the spa as they left. And I distinctly remember being the last one in the jacuzzi, looking out over the crashing waves, and thinking how fucking weird, and how bizarrely exhilarating that just was.

The next morning I head to breakfast. Think large outdoor buffet with lots of people everywhere. I get some food and start looking for a table. And guess what? Sitting right nearby, waving me over, was Stacey. She and her husband were sitting at a table alone, and she was waving me to an empty seat.

I sit down. Stacey’s husband looks hungover and like he has zero interest in me being at the table. But Stacey invited me, so there I was.

She and I make idle chit-chat about dumb shit. Meanwhile, she is literally eyeball-raping me from across the table. I’ve seen the fuck-me eyes before. I’ve even seen them before from married women. But not like this. Not with her stud husband sitting right there, between us. How he didn’t pick up on this shit I can only chalk up to being hungover and totally disinterested in the conversation (basically just staring off into space).

And how was I feeling at that moment? Hungover? Yes. But also confident as a motherfucker. When a woman wants to throw herself on top of you, and you know it, the smirk is plastered all over your face.

After a bit, they say their goodbyes (they were leaving for an post-conference vacation week somewhere else in Mexico) and head out. No words, other than idle bullshit, were spoken between me and her. It was all in the eyes. (so go re-read the eye contact post).

There was a 50 yard walk from the table to the stone archway exit at the front of the hotel. I distinctly remember watching them walk away. And watching Stacey’s ass sway in the morning sun. Not sure how I completely missed her in the cantina the night before. She was banging hot. The only thing I can think of was that I probably saw her, saw she was with stud boy, and she immediately fell off my radar. Nothing to pursue there.

Anyway, as I’m watching them go, I remember thinking to myself (maybe I whispered it -- not sure): “I’m going to fuck the crap out of that girl.” Then they passed through the arch and disappear. Once again, she never looked back.

Now fast forward about two weeks. I’m at work, at my desk. I pick up the phone and call Stacey (at work). She’s expecting me call. It wasn’t like: “oh, hey, this is the guy from down in Mexico, like, I think you might have touched my leg, blah blah.” No, it was basically her saying: “I’ve been wondering when you were gonna call me.”

So we meet up for drinks. She’s instantly all over me. The touch barrier is non-existent (pretty sure we left that barrier at the bottom of the bubbling cauldron). She’s touchy feeley. And she’s hot. She was a hot-n-horny MILF if I’ve ever seen one.

Eventually she comes to my house. Every time we go a little further. But it's clear that despite the salacious lust pouring out of her, her mind is wrestling with the idea of infidelity. She doesn’t want to have sex yet. And I’m totally cool with that. Frankly, this was coming on way strong, and from a married woman, and I was happy to just ride the wave.

Here’s an example of her crazy lustfulness I’ll never forget. I’ve experienced a lot of shit with women, but this particular example was a first.

I set up a lunch meeting with Stacey’s boss and Stacey’s boss’s boss. Remember, she works at a client of my company. We’re supposed to meet to discuss some stuff my company has been doing for them. My boss is supposed to go, but flakes at the last minute. Leaving me as the top guy at the lunch (ridiculous). So I take a guy with me who’s about a year my junior.

When I set up the lunch, I tell her boss: “yeah, feel free to invite Stacey. That was her name right? Stacey? Your coworker I met down in Mexico.” I’m laughing to myself obviously, because I’m pretty sure I had my face all up in Stacey’s plastic jugs the night before.

The boss says she will, but I call Stacey separately and tell her to make sure she get invited to the lunch. We were having fun with this secret relationship getting mixed with work.

She says she’ll definitely go to the lunch. And (here’s the ridiculous part), she says, she’ll make sure to have her Ben Wa Balls inside her that day, so she can squeeze on them during the lunch, and think about me….

Now if you don’t know what Ben Wa Balls are, feel free to Google that. Just don’t do it at school or work.

And ladies, if you’re reading this and looking for a move to spice things up in the relationship. Get yourself a pair of Ben Wa Balls. Then let your other half know you’re “carrying” them, particularly at a really inappropriate time, like at dinner with his parents.

Back to the story. So while I was totally turned on by this Ben Wa Ball thing, I’m the alpha male right? So I’m obviously not going to tell her that. Instead, I say (like a cocky smartass): “You do that. And make sure to wear a really short skirt and big heels so I can really check you out.”

You should have seen what she wore to the lunch. It was borderline work-inappropriate. In fact, it was probably work inappropriate. How her boss didn’t say something to her, I’m not sure. But she had on the shortest miniskirt you could ever imagine for an office environment. And ridiculously high heels. If you know the phrase “legs for days.” This was it.

And I had to present a bunch of business type shit to her boss’s boss during this meeting. All the while noticing her eyeball raping me from across the table and squeezing her special toys below. Honestly, it was a ridiculous turn on.

Anyway, we saw each other for a while. Eventually it fizzled. She started getting crazier than I wanted to deal with. We never made it past third base. Probably never made it past shortstop. And that’s totally cool. Who knows how crazy she might have gotten if we’d actually had sex.

Eventually, I never heard from her again.

Whhhheeewwwww… What a crazy chick.

But the lesson in this story, for purposes of this training, is that the smirk, and the confidence that comes with it, is powerful. It can make women throw themselves at you. And you don’t need to focus it on her. You don’t need to force looking at her with the smirk. You actually don’t need to look at her at all with the smirk. You don't even need to be trying to find chicks. They will find you, if you just wear the smirk on your face. You just need to wear it. She will see it. And she will feel the confidence radiating from you. And that’s all that matters. Look at the case above, my smirk and confidence attracted a woman I didn’t even know was there.

So go practice your smirk. Master it. Your dick will be glad you did.

And BTW, the lesson in this story is NOT to pursue married women. Actually, I specifically DON’T recommend that. Even if they have big plastic knockers. But with that said, if you’re ever down in ol’ Mexico….. 

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