100 Mindsets That Up Your Game

Some people swear that repeating a few mantras on a daily basis can have positive psychological and even metaphysical effects on your life.


Even if you believe that's bullshit, it's hard to argue that giving yourself a quick pep talk before starting your sets is a bad idea.

Everyone from professional athletes to kindergarten gymnasts need a little reminder-coaching before jumping into the game.

Below are 100 Mantras to get your mind right before you head out to nail the hotties. Even if you find just 1 on this list which resonates with you, internalizing it and making it part of your pre-game reminders could make all the difference.

Read these as if you were saying them to yourself.

-- 100 Mantras --

  1. I’m Always Ready – Hot chicks appear at random times in unexpected places.
  2. I Never Hesitate – Delay is sexual poison. The moment I see her, I approach.
  3. I Approach for Fun – Hitting on women is a game. I’m the player.
  4. I Approach for Practice – Top players practice. Regularly.
  5. I Approach Just to See What Happens – Because fuck it. That’s why.
  6. I Approach Two Girls at Once – Because the bonus points I get for this big-dick, confident move will trump any stumbling I may do along the way.
  7. I Approach in Front of Other People – They give me high-fives when the deed is done.
  8. If She Rejects Me Nicely – I compliment her and wish her the best.
  9. If She Rejects Me Rudely – I compliment her and wish her the best. Karma will take care of her for me. I don’t have to do anything.
  10. I Laugh at Rejection – Because what else is there to do?
  11. I’d Rather Get Rejected Than Not Know – Not knowing what could have happened because I never tried is far worse than a rejection could ever be.
  12. She’s Not Too Busy – Women are not “too busy” when approached by confident men.
  13. She Has A Boyfriend – Great. I wasn’t asking for his number.
  14. She Has A Boyfriend 2 – “Me too. Maybe we should set them up.”
  15. I Make Women Instantly Comfortable – Simply because I’m comfortable with myself.
  16. I’m Easy to Talk To – Women open up to me because I open up to them first.
  17. I Always Know What to Say – Because I understand I can say anything.
  18. I Always Know What to Say 2 – It’s not the line. It’s the man. A confident man can make anything work.
  19. I’m Unpredictable – Spontaneity is a sexual drug. I’m the dealer.
  20. I Send Mixed Signals – First tough, then tender. First interested, then aloof.
  21. I’m Exciting – When she doesn’t get my text, she longs for it. When she gets it, she smiles.
  22. I’m Challenging – I don’t agree just to please her. The more challenging I am, the better.
  23. When I Disagree, I Disagree – Disagreement shows I’m a real person. Not a kiss-ass.
  24. I Take Women on an Emotional Rollercoaster – They love the ride.
  25. I’m The Source of Her Emotional State – Realizing this is the difference between guys who struggle and guys for which everything seems so easy.
  26. I’m Authentic – I fully express myself. Authenticity is the most magnetic thing in the world.
  27. I Have My Own Shit to Do – Women are excited to enter my interesting world.
  28. I Learn New Things Daily – Because I’m fascinated by life. When a man’s only fascination is women, women run away. When he’s fascinated by life, they flock toward him.
  29. Text is for Arranging Dates – Nothing more. I’m not her BFF. I’m a cock to be sat upon.
  30. I Text Ridiculous Shit – Because texting “normal” shit doesn’t stand out. She got 20 texts like that already today.
  31. I’m Hard to Get A Hold Of – Busy.
  32. I Improve Myself Daily – This is for myself. Women finding this attractive in an ancillary benefit.
  33. I Improve Myself Daily 2 – Because Kaizen motherfucker.
  34. I’m a Master of Conversation – Because I took the time to make myself that way.
  35. My Body is My Temple – Because living a healthy life is important.
  36. My Body is Her Temple – The more I get jacked, the faster her clothes hit the floor.
  37. I Have Wings – They help me fly.
  38. I Have Wallflowers – They guard my table and can distract the cockblocking fugly one.
  39. Can You Buy Me A Drink? – No. But you can buy me a drink.
  40. Can You Buy Me A Drink Now? – Yes. But first name the 5 reasons why you think I’m so hot.
  41. Can You Buy Ma A Drink? – Yes. But first stand up and do your best MC Hammer impression.
  42. I’m Touchable – I have a body and wardrobe that women want to touch.
  43. Kino – Yes, I touch women. Women love to be touched.
  44. Kino 2 – I know how to escalate attraction through touch. Because I took the time to learn.
  45. I’m An Object of Desire – Women want men that other women want.
  46. Eye Contact – Only losers stare from a distance.
  47. Eye Contact 2 – I have sexual eyes that drill through the eyes, down the spine and into her loins.
  48. I Have A Sexual Presence – Only idiots pretend they don’t want sex, thinking such behavior will get them sex. That’s lying. And retarded.
  49. I Have A Sexual Presence 2 – I’m around women for sex. My body language let’s them know.
  50. I Have A Masculine Walk – I take my time. I walk with intention and purpose. I take long strides.
  51. I Make Sexual Innuendo – Because sexual conversation results in wet panties.
  52. I Use Sexual Frames – I frame sex as a good thing. A positive thing. An exhilarating thing.
  53. I’m Not Needy – “Oh, you have something else to do? Go….”
  54. I Don’t Kiss & Tell – Yes, she can release the dirty slut hidden inside. No, no one will find out.
  55. I Don’t Kiss & Tell 2 – I don’t write field reports. Girls don’t fuck guys who they discover are sluts of the keyboard.
  56. I Sleep Different Women Regularly – It’s not a secret. I’m not hiding that from her. She needs to know where she stands. And she’s appreciative of the honesty.
  57. I’m Honest with My Intentions – If I’m looking for a relationship, I tell her. If I’m looking for fun, I tell her. Honesty consistently gets me what I want. Lying doesn’t get me anything.
  58. I Flirt – Constantly. Even with women I’m not attracted to.
  59. I’m Non-Reactive – Nothing in the surrounding environment can sway my focus.
  60. I’m Unphased by Tests – I simply agree & dispel with humor. Or agree & go to the extremes.
  61. I Don’t Take Her Tests Seriously – Nothing can get under my skin unless I take it seriously.
  62. I Don’t Give A Fuck – About small, petty, mediocre bullshit.
  63. I Don’t Give A Fuck – About what other people say and think.
  64. I Do Give A Fuck – About important stuff like friends, family and career.
  65. I Help My Friends – Because friends are more important than women.
  66. I Help My Friends Get Laid – Have you ever seen the way a woman looks at you after you spontaneously set up your friend with another chick in the bar? Have you ever seen a tigress ready to pounce?
  67. Women Are Sexy & Amazing – This is the mindset of someone who doesn’t get laid.
  68. Women Are Cute & Silly – This is the mindset of someone experienced with women.
  69. She’s Just A Person - Trust me, she farts too.
  70. Women Chase Men – That’s a fact. What they don’t chase is strangers. So I open my fucking mouth and say something. Now I’m not a stranger anymore.
  71. I’m Delusional – I believe all women want me. Because what else is there to believe – that women don’t want me?
  72. Women Give Me Attention – Because I don’t ask for it. I command it without ever saying a word.
  73. I Don’t Laugh at My Own Jokes – Because only idiots do that.
  74. I Laugh Loudly When Shit is Funny – My laughter is contagious. I can make people around me start laughing even when they don’t know why.
  75. Attraction Is Not Logical – Guys who give women logical reasons to date him, go home alone.
  76. Attraction Is Not Logical 2 – It’s an emotional response that’s out of her conscious control.
  77. Attraction Is Not Logical 3 – I know how to trigger primal attraction because I took the time to l learn.
  78. Money Is Irrelevant – Attraction is an uncontrollable tingling in the stomach, the mind and between the legs. It’s not created by money.
  79. I Control What I Look Like – No excuses.
  80. Nicknames Are Fun – I call her silly names, particularly if it makes her punch me in the shoulder.
  81. Assumptions Are Fun – I assume things about her that are wrong. She becomes fascinated.
  82. Disqualifiers Are Fun – I get her attracted to me, then I tell her she can’t have me.
  83. Disqualifiers Are Fun 2 – Attraction is like a yo-yo. The more you push her away, the faster she comes spiraling back.
  84. I Blame Her – “Stop hitting on me.” “Is that you’re best line.” “Quit bumping into me” “That’s why we can’t have nice things.” “Stop looking at me like that.”
  85. I Hit on Girls in Front of the Girl I Actually Want – Preselection is like money. The more you have the easier it becomes to get even more.
  86. I Make Sure Girls See Me with Other Girls – In person. Online. Everywhere. This is the “dating equivalent” of getting “likes” and “5 star reviews.” From this perspective, attracting is no different than buying a toaster. The more women like me, the more other women like me.
  87. Attraction is Easy – After all, if you believe it’s hard, you’ll never get good at it. What you believe is what happens.
  88. I’m a Leader – The first person I lead is myself.
  89. I’m a Leader 2 – Leaders get their pick of the litter. So be a fucking leader.
  90. Communication Trumps Words – How I communicate is far more important than what I say. I take the time to master public speaking and body language.
  91. Communication Trumps Words 2 – I trained myself to the point where the sound of my voice can make a woman turn around just to see who’s talking. I win.
  92. Pausing – I pause for dramatic effect. The faster a man talks, the less attractive he becomes. I pause to create suspense and make her wait. If she leans toward me during a pause, I win.
  93. I Tell Her Stories – The logical mind turns off when people listen to stories. Stories make people feel like they’ve known you for years. I took the time to become a great story teller.
  94. My Bedroom Looks Like the Ritz Carlton – That’s right: plush, soft, breezy and with extra pillows. A place that’s visually tempting and relaxing. Somewhere she’d like to spend lots of time.
  95. Public Foreplay Drives Her Crazy – I’ll keep things spicy by putting my hand down her pants while ordering the Enchiladas. Just make sure that over-sized cloth napkin is appropriately hiding the taco.
  96. I Close – There’s no sale for guys who can’t close. Closing is an ongoing process. I close for attraction, fascination, compliance, the number, the date, the kiss, the lay. Always be closing.
  97. Dating Me Is an Adventure – For women, adventure is the most exciting thing in the world.
  98. I Pleasure Women – I know how to please women in bed, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the living room, everywhere. I know how to make them orgasm repeatedly and come begging for more. I let that knowledge project itself non-verbally through my facial expressions and body language.
  99. I Like Blowjobs – “Oh really, she thinks she’s good at it? We’ll see.
  100. Everything on This List Is About Me – I attract women because I focus on myself, not because I focus on them.


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