Forget “Fuck It” — Want To Approach Any Girl? — Try This


If you’ve read my previous post “fuck it,” you know it’s a powerful phrase that can instantly reduce the anxiety of approaching a chick.  In fact, those two words may be the difference between approaching a woman at all, and just standing there doing nothing.

So while “fuck it” is a great solution to reducing anxiety, here’s a solution that some of you may find even better.


When you see a hot chick -- you know, the kind that makes you think damn……while you’re standing there doing nothing.  What was our old anxiety eliminator?

It was “fuck it.”  Those two words work great because they are an affirmation that we don’t care about the outcome of the approach.  We just need to avoid kicking ourselves in the ass for the rest of the day for failure to approach. So “fuck it” gets that fire lit (usually) and gets us to walk over.

Here’s the limitation of “fuck it.”  When you affirm that you don’t care about the outcome, it doesn’t change the fact that you still want a particular outcome.  Right?

You still want to get the number.  You still want to get the date. You still want to get that bra strap unbuckled and the ol’ melon-holder tossed on the floor.

You still want all that.  The only reason you’re saying “fuck it” is so that you don’t beat yourself up for failure to approach.  What you want out of the approach hasn’t changed.

What if you had a way to want something different from the approach?  Something that meant that the approach COULD NOT fail.

After all, failure just means that the outcome was different than what you wanted.  To avoid this, change what you want to something where failure isn’t even an option.


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Change what you want to this:  You just want to see what happens.   

If you’re only goal is to see what happens, then it’s impossible to fail.  Because no matter what happens, you win.

Say that to yourself the next time you see a hot chick.  You should feel an instant rush of relief. Like a huge weight of bricks has been lifted off your shoulders.

That’s because a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.  It’s the weight of possibly failing.  That’s a huge weight to carry around even if you claim not to care about it by saying “fuck it.”

But now there’s no weight, because you’re only intention is to see what happens.  And you can’t fail at that. No matter what happens, you saw it.

When you try this approach, you will find the added benefit that due to your calmness, due to your relief (i.e. no more bricks), your approach will go much smoother.  

You may just find a calm and confident you that you didn’t know was there.  And all because you changed what you wanted out of the interaction.
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