Sexual Eye Contact Installation System

Women will get moist if you look at them the right way.

We all know that. And we all know that the right way is: confident, masculine, indomitable, soul-owning eye contact. 

But how do you condition yourself to have eye contact like that?  

How do you train yourself to make a woman melt, just by looking at her? 

Well, here’s the steps I learned to develop this skill. Believe me, it works wonders.


Step 1: Exercise Your Eye Muscles

What? Yes, you read that correctly. Your eyes have muscles attached to them. Do you ever exercise them? Probably not. Like most people, you take eye muscles for granted. 

It’s possible you’ve never even thought about something like this. But why? Why are these muscles neglected. You think about all your other muscles all the time right?

You go to the gym all the time right? You do presses and squats and curls till the cows come home. But you can’t take 5 minutes to do some simple eye exercises when eye contact is one of the primary focal points in discussions about game?

Look, if you’re going to exercise the rest of your body for peak performance, you should exercise your eyes for peak performance.

So how do you do that?

It’s simple. Eye exercises are truly simple. You can do them standing or sitting.

Just face forward, and without moving your head, roll your eyes up (like your looking at the ceiling with only your eyes, not your head). Hold for 3 - 5 seconds. Then look down toward the floor. Again, eyes only, not your head. Hold for 3 - 5. Then left for 3 - 5. Then right for 3 - 5.

That’s it. Repeat the process a total of 3 times. Do it once a day for a week.

When you first try this, you might see little white stars floating around. That’s normal and it will pass in a few moments. Also, your eyes might actually feel “sore” later in the day. Well yeah...don’t your biceps feel sore after hitting the dumbbells for the first time in a while?

Like any exercise, start slow and don’t over do it. Just do what’s comfortable. You’re not trying to roll your eyes back in their sockets. You’re just stretching the muscles.

The purpose of this exercise is two things:

  1. It brings your attention and focus to your eyes. That way, instead of just reading blogs about improving your eye contact, you’re actually doing something.
  2. Exercising your eye muscles will give you better control over them. Just like exercising the rest of your body gives you better control. Better control means slower, masculine, Alpha eye movements. Not twitchy, fluttering, beta eye movements.

Step 2: Start Intentionally Looking at People’s Eyes

Think about everyone you’ve interacted with in the past week. Even the past day. Were you looking at their eyes? Not sure? 

Well, ask yourself this question: “what color were their eyes?” Anybody. 

You don’t know do you? You probably talked to a dozen people (or more) in the last week and you probably don’t know the eye color of a single one.

If that’s true, then how much eye contact are you really making?

To fix this and condition yourself for better eye contact, do the following. When you’re talking to people, start looking at them with the intention of seeing their eye color and remembering it.

Your boss, your neighbor, your roommate, your waitress, the lady in the checkout line at the grocery store. When you’re talking to them about whatever, take note of their eye color and remember it.

When the conversation is over, recall the color to yourself.

You don’t need to remember their eye color forever. Just recall it to yourself after the conversation, and then let it go.

Do this with everyone you interact with for a week. Do it consciously as you come face to face with people. After a week it will become second nature.

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Step 3: Stare at Yourself in the Mirror

Spend a week completing Steps 1 and 2 first. Then start step 3.

Spend one minute in the morning and one minute at night staring at yourself in the bathroom mirror. If you think that’s weird, just remember that bodybuilders literally spend hours in front of the mirror posing. They have posing coaches. Now that’s weird.

State at yourself in the eye. Stare yourself down. While you’re at it, put a smirk on your face like you’re the baddest motherfucker this side of the Mississippi. Because frankly, you are the baddest motherfucker in your life. And you should act like it. 

And bad-ass, confident motherfuckers are what women want. So practice putting “that look” on your face while you're making eye contact with yourself, and it will start happening naturally when you’re making eye contact with women.

Step 4: Look at Women You’re Attracted to, Until They Look Away

This step should be started AFTER a week of Step 3.


A man breaking eye contact first is a total turn off to women. It’s beta. And it’s totally lame.

This part will probably be hard at first. You’re pulse will probably become elevated. Realize that. Accept it. Expect it. And fucking do it anyway. You want to get laid don’t you? 

You want those perky tits bouncing in your face before next weekend don’t you? Well then look at her until she looks away.

AND SHE WILL LOOK AWAY. That is almost a given (I’ll give you an exception below).

The question is, will she look back?

Here’s how it will go down.

  1. If she looks away, and doesn’t look back at you. You’re task is complete, and you can go on about your day. (If you chose to approach her anyway, that’s fine, but that’s not the point of this exercise).
  2. If she looks away, AND THEN LOOKS BACK AT YOUR EYES, even for a second, that’s the DOUBLE TAKE. And you always approach on the double take.

Write this down and hang it someplace you will see it: “I always, and I mean ALWAYS, approach on the double take. No exceptions.”

You walk right over there and introduce yourself. Every time. Even if the girl isn’t that hot. 

Here’s why.

You’re conditioning yourself. You’re committing to the muscle memory of your legs and feet that when you see the double take, you approach. 

That way, down the road, when you get the double take from a 10, you don’t fuck it up. Those trained legs and feet unconsciously walk right over there, no thought or hesitation involved.

Practice Step 4, basically until you’re getting all the pussy you want.

Here’s the exception to: “SHE WILL LOOK AWAY.”

It’s happens sometimes that a girl will not look away. In this situation, generally 1 of 2 things happens.

  1. Either you both start smiling, because it’s weird that you’re both staring at each other, and she’s friendly and having fun with it (this is the ideal scenario). Or,
  2. She gives you the “what’s up” or “what are you looking at” gesture. Picture a curled end of the lip, raised eyebrow, slight shoulder raise with palms of the hands turned up or out. Or some combination like that.

In the first scenario, where you both smile, that is basically guaranteed mutual attraction. You approach immediately, and unless you say something ridiculous (and not in a good way) you’ll be in the sack within 7 days.

In the second scenario, where she gives you the “what’s up,” that could result in anything.

Generally you should approach anyway, because well...“fuck it.” But that’s also a signal for you to just move on, nothing to regret. You made an eye opening. She wasn’t ideally receptive.

Moving on.

Get A Date Without Asking Her Out

The "I'll Help You" Method

Here’s an example of how I used eye contact to get a girls number a few weeks ago.

I met a buddy for dinner at a classy place. Our server was a skinny little thing with a ridiculously plump ass. She was basically blond hair and ass.

At the end of the meal, she dropped off the check (naturally) and went off to do whatever. When she came back to collect, I held it up and said: “Hey, there’s something wrong with the check.” 

She said (of course) something like: “Oh no, what is it?” To which I replied: “I didn’t see you’re number written at the top.” Then I just looked at her (half smirk on my face).

There was a two second pause, and then she burst out laughing. That’s always the reaction btw, when using this line. How could she not laugh? The line is completely unexpected and completely ridiculous.

After collecting herself, she says: “I’m flattered, but we’re not supposed to give out our number to customers. It’s against policy.”

Now as a quick aside, this place was a breastaurant. You know, the kind of joint where the servers are all sporting low cut tops and plaid skirts. See I told you, a classy place :-).

So I’m sure the girls get hit on all the time, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there actually was a policy that they shouldn’t give out their number to customers.

However, who cares about these silly formalities.

So, after she says “it’s against policy,” I just look at her with the ridiculously masculine, indomitable, I’m going to bang your brains out, eye contact we’ve been developing in this post. 

I also had the cocky smirk. Eye contact and the smirk go hand in hand.

I’m looking at her. She’s looking at me. My buddy is watching all this in total suspense btw. He said it was better than a movie. We looked at each other in silence for at least 3 seconds. Maybe 4.

Then you know what happened? Without a word, she pulled a pen from her apron, took the receipt, wrote her number at the top, set the check down on the table, winked at me, and walked away.

I didn’t say one fucking more thing to close that deal. It was all eye contact.

It was the ultimate example of how getting a girls number is so much more about your body language and nonverbal communication, than about what you actually say. 

I didn’t say anything.

BTW, the “I didn’t see your number written at the top,” line is great for anywhere a woman hands you a receipt. I still use that one all the time just to stay in practice. You might be surprised how often it works.

To Your Success!

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