3 Simple Sex Tips To Rock Her World

Giving a woman mind-blowing orgasms isn’t just about pounding her pussy into oblivion.  

There are many slow, simple and subtle moves that can make her moan with ecstasy.  

Below are 3 techniques you can start incorporating immediately.

Bring On The Heat

This is a foreplay technique that can mean the difference between a sort-of wet pussy and a dripping pussy.  This technique is performed before she takes her clothes off.  It works really well if she’s wearing pants or jeans.  It can also work through a dress as long as the material is flush against her privates.  If the dress isn’t quite like that, then you can do this through her panties as a last resort.

The technique is simple.  Imagine she’s wearing a pair of jeans.  You two are fooling around and her pants haven’t come off yet.  What you do is slide down so your head is between her legs.  You take a deep breath, open your mouth wide and place it flush against her jeans, over her clit.  The you exhale, long and hot.  The exhale is basically what you would do on a cold night if you wanted to see the fog of your breath. 

You can grab the small of her back or wrap your hands around her legs and pull her in toward your mouth.  Just don’t pull too hard.  Your mouth should be flush against the material, but not grinding into her pussy to where it hurts.

She will feel the heat from this long exhale on the inside of her pants.  You will likely feel her body go limp as you do this.  That heat really gets things going.  You can do this as many times as you like depending on her response.  Anywhere from 3 to 10 times works great.  

The Doggy Reach Around

This technique is great when she’s getting close to an orgasm.  It can also cause an orgasm with some women, depending on how they like to get off.  The easiest way to perform this is in a standing doggy position.  Think: she’s standing on the floor, next to the bed, her upper body is leaning over the bed and either her hands or elbows/forearms are on the bed.

For this move you want to spread her feet wide enough to where you can reach around her leg, under the stomach and put your middle finger (middle finger and ring finger works really well too) onto her clit.  From here, you basically fuck her and rub her clit at the same time.  That double sensation of being penetrated and having her clit rubbed can bring lots of women over the edge.

You can try this move basically in any doggy-related position when you’re behind her, but this standing version is really simple to pull off.

For the new guys: the clit is right at the top of the pussy.  It feels like a small knot or bump of skin.  There are two parts to the clit.  Basically, the outside (this is where your fingers are on top of the knot of skin, outside of her pussy) and the inside (this is where your fingers have just slipped “just over the knot” and have ever-so-slightly entered her pussy.

For some women, the “inside” part is too sensitive for the fingers (tongue is usually ok) and they will want you to stick to the “outside.”  So just experiment and see what she likes.  When you rub the clit, start with a circular motion (something like the way you would make a small circle with your middle finger on the touch-pad of your laptop.  You can also go side to side.  Mix it up and see what she likes.   

Legs On Your Shoulders

Fucking a woman while her ankles are resting on your shoulders is lots of fun, for both people.  This is a classic position to give her screaming orgasms.  However, there are two problems you may encounter when trying to pull this off. 

The first is that some women are less flexible than others.  Some women can throw their feet right up there no problem.  Other’s need a little time to “work into” that position.  

The second problem is that even if she’s flexible enough, the combination of your huge cock and her being bent in half can be overly sensitive.  For example, if she starts gritting her teeth and pushing back against you with her hands, it’s too much.

Fortunately, these two problems can almost always be overcome with a little patience.  Here’s what you do.

  1. Fuck her in the missionary position first.
  2. After a few minutes, put your left arm behind the backside of her left knee and pull her leg up (like her knee towards her head).  At this point, her left thigh should be relatively parallel to her body.  However her ankle isn’t on your shoulder.  The lower half of her leg is just off to the side of your body.  Fuck her in this position for a minute or two.  Doing this starts the stretching of her legs and her getting use to your massive schlong stuffed inside her in a stretched position.
  3. After this, put her left leg down (i.e. back to missionary) and repeat Step 2 with the right leg.
  4. After this, put her right leg down and repeat Step 2 with the left leg.  Except this time, put the left ankle on your shoulder.  Now you’re fucking her with one ankle on your shoulder and one leg still in “missionary.”
  5. After a minute or two, grab the right leg and put the right ankle on your shoulder.


In many cases, you can skip steps 2 and 3.  Often a minute of stretching each leg separately with the ankle on the shoulder is enough.  However, these 5 steps provide a complete guide for those really inflexible chicks, or if you have a massive schlong.  

Start incorporating these techniques into your sex life asap and you’ll find some true smiles of satisfaction looking back at you.  

And perhaps some favors in return.


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