6 Ways To Flirt To Build Sexual Tension

Gentlemen.  As you know, flirting is critical to attracting women and building sexual tension.


The most important thing to keep in mind about flirting is that: IT’S ALL ABOUT DELIVERY.

The difference between flirting that is fun and builds sexual-tension vs flirting that’s just plain cringe, all boils down to delivery. 

There’s three main components to delivery: Timing, Confidence and Playfulness.

Timing – Some types of flirting can happen immediately.  Your opening can be a flirt.  Other kinds of flirting require some attraction to be there already.  If the attraction isn’t there, then what would otherwise be playful flirting can come across as totally cringe.

Confidence – It’s basically impossible to flirt without having confidence.  If your hands are stuffed into your pockets and you’re looking at the floor, nothing you say will come across as fun, playful and flirty.  Nothing you say will build sexual tension.  I’ll talk more about confidence at the end of the post. 


Playfulness – Flirting needs to be delivered as a joke.  A half-joke really.  A half-joke essentially means that on the surface flirting is delivered as a joke.  But there’s some underlying hints (some unstated, mysterious nuances) that maybe you’re just a little bit serious.  That’s what creates tension, thrill and excitement.

6 Ways To Flirt –

1. Making an Ongoing “Big Deal” Out of Small Things

This tease involves taking any kind of small thing that she says/does and blowing it out of proportion.  Poking fun at where she’s from is a great example.  Almost everywhere has some stereotype about it. 

Here’s some examples:

- She’s from a small town – Stereotype examples: “so you totally like to bail hay in your spare time, don’t you?”  “Yeah, we can go, but my car moves faster than a tractor.  You ok with that?”

- She’s from Vegas – Stereotype examples: “so you totally have a gambling problem, don’t you?”  “Are you going to try to bet me for the next round of drinks?”

- She’s from England – Stereotype examples: “so you like to eat everything in “pie” form, don’t you?”  “Yeah so let’s get the steak and chips, the salad and chips and I’ll have a beer and chips.  What are you having?”

The key to this type of flirting is that making a big deal doesn’t mean “make a huge deal once, and then forget about it.”  Instead, it means keeping the joke ongoing.  Making references to the stereotype whenever the situation calls for it. 

For example, if you happen to see a pack of cards, or a pair of foam dice hanging in somebody’s windshield, or you walk past a casino, or you see a billboard for a gambling addiction hotline, you can again make some kind of reference the gambling stereotype.  Like you’re “keeping her away from the addiction” while playfully pulling her away from the casino entrance, or “they put that sign up when they found out you were moving here.”

2. Making Random Assumptions That She Will Do “Unreasonable Things” For You


For this one I mean “unreasonable things” in general.  Not in a sexual way.


- She spills something in your car: “So…when are you planning on buying me a new car?”  She gives you the pursed lips and scrunched nose to the teasing.  “Well it’s either that, or after dinner we’ll go back to my place and I’ll get a bucket of hot soapy water and a scrub brush ready for you.”  Another round of pursed lips.  “I have to supervise the scrubbing though.”

- She says she’ll stop at the store for a bottle of wine: “Oh you’re going to go shopping for me?  That’s so sweet.  You know I’m actually out of laundry detergent and paper towels.  Thanks for getting all that.”  She gives you I’ve just been teased look.  “Oh and dish soap too.”

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3. Playfully Blaming Her for Things

Here’s some examples:

- You reach for your drink and realize it’s empty: “Did you seriously just drink all my drink?”

- You bump into her lightly when walking down the street: “Can you stop bumping into me?”

- She say’s basically anything which is not intended to be flirty: “Quit flirting with me all the time.”

- She asks you a question about something totally innocuous like “should we see the 7 o’clock show or the 9’oclock.”  You pause for a moment holding eye contact; mild smirk:  “Why do you keep looking at me like that?”

4. Acting Like What She Just Said Is Really [Fill in the Blank]

For [Fill in the Blank], it can be anything which fits the situation or what she is talking about.  For example, really “silly,” really “nerdy,” really “Texan,” really “yoga-ish.”  Any kind of stereotype (playful stereotypes – nothing that is actually offensive).

Here’s how you execute this:  As soon as she’s done saying something which was probably intended to be serious, you look at her in silence for 1 to 2 beats.  Hold eye contact and have a straight face (i.e. be nonreactive to her statement). 

On the 3rd, 4th and 5th beats, let a big smile slowly grow on your face.  The kind of smile that non-verbally indicates to her that you think that statement was kind of [Fill in the Blank].

After a couple beats, she will say something like “what?” because the look on your face is begging for that question.

That’s when you say something which teases her about being the stereotype. 


- She’s telling you a story about something from her childhood which you interpret as silly.  First you do the 5 beats and the smile.  She asks what?  Then you say something like: “You were totally the class clown growing up, weren’t you?”  or “I bet you had ice cream stains all over your clothes growing up, didn’t you?” 

Anything which fits the situation she’s talking about and pokes fun at her story.  

5. Unexpected Subject Changers That Create Obvious Interest

These are great ways to open a girl.  Particularly if she talks to you first about something totally unrelated. 

For example, you’re in a store and a girl working there says “are you finding everything ok?”  Instead of just answering yes or no, you ignore the question and change straight into an opener which clearly expresses interest: “Hi. (said boldly with a big smile)  How are you doing today? (hold out your hand for the shake).” 

In this example you’re making it pretty obvious that you’re about to start hitting on her.  It’s flattering particularly because it’s unexpected and you’ll almost always get a smile.  Then proceed to make conversation with her.  

6. Non-Verbal Flirting (Excluding Eye Contact, Smirk & Body Language – Discussed Later)

Here’s some examples:

- Getting in The Way – This is where you would physically get in her way, but act like you’re not doing anything wrong. 

For example, you’re both inside and she says she needs to go outside to get something.  You agree she should go outside to get whatever it is.  But then you stand in the doorway, so she physically can’t get past you.  You act like you’re doing nothing wrong until she smiles, pokes you in the stomach, pushes you or whatever.  At that point you move out of the way.  

- Doing Something She Asks (But Not Completely) – For example, she asks something like “can you pass the salt shaker” or “can you hand me the phone” or “can you give me that.”  Basically she’s asking you to give her something which is out of reach. 

Let’s take the example of the salt shaker.  Instead of grabbing the shaker and moving it over right in front of her.  You move it closer to her by just a few centimeters.  You move it just far enough, so it looks like you “put in effort” but it’s still out of reach.  

Then she gives you the I’ve been teased look while you act like you’ve done nothing wrong.  Maybe you do it a second time.  A few more centimeters closer.  And when the joke is played out, you hand her the shaker.

Flirting Delivery - Confidence

As mentioned earlier, confidence is key to flirting.  Here’s the basics of what you need to do.

Eye contact – when you’re saying something flirty, look deep into her eyes.  Hold the eye contact just a little too long.  Give her the look that says you’re a sexual man, not a friend.

Smirkhave a smirk on your face that says you’re a little too cocky.  That you’re confident enough play around with her and you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Body language – lean in towards her a little bit when delivering the flirt.  Get just a little too close. Start closing that distance in preparation for escalating kino later.  

Make sure to check out The Sexual Frame for more about attractive body language.     


Women love guys who can flirt.  Show her you know how.

Once you start incorporating these techniques into your conversational arsenal, you'll start seeing your interactions with women (1) become smoother and (2) more exciting.  She'll start smiling more.  She'll start turning towards you and moving closer to you.  She'll start showing more interest because your conversation is attractive.  Practice these techniques and you'll be on your way to making Endless Conversation. 

If you'd like to get on the fast track to flirting mastery and making Endless Conversation, I suggest you check out my course: Make Women Chase You

This book heavily emphases making fun, challenging, engaging conversation with women. All the techniques are laid out in detail.  The book also contains completely written-out conversational examples which demonstrate the techniques.  In these examples, she doesn't just "play along" either.  She challenges you just like a woman would in real life and the techniques demonstrate how to respond. 

This book also contains the supplement courses: Daytime Unleashed and Nighttime Unleashed.  These supplements baby-step you through 25 approaches which are completely written out with what to do, what the goals are, etc.  The approaches are designed to take you from "beginner" to "amazing" in 25 days.  Each approach incorporates techniques learned in the main text so that you're both reading and taking action.  Once you complete these 25 approaches you will truly be unstoppable with women. 

There are two additional supplements in the course: 7 Mental Exercises To Get You Laid and How To Touch Women. 

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In the final section, How To Touch Women, the book walks you through escalating attraction through kino.  Every touch is covered.  The upper back.  The upper back, lower back slide. Hands on the hips.  Legs.  Bumping.  Hair.  And more than a dozen others.  Each section contains conversational examples incorporated with the touching so you can literally visualize exactly how to make your moves during the interaction.  Escalating attraction through kino is critical to closing the deal with the women you're attracting so study the material carefully. 

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