Dating Tips For Indian Men

There’s no doubt that Indian women can be some of the most attractive and exotic looking women on the planet.  Nonetheless, many Indian men are interested in dating Western women.

If that’s you, then here are 5 tips you should start implementing right away.

1. Dress Business Casual.  

When it comes to attracting western Women, the most successful Indian men I know dress business casual.  If you’re not familiar with dressing this way, you should go to a tailor and have 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pants custom tailored for you.  Three minimum. If you can afford 6 or 7, even better.


You want clothes that are sleek and stylish.  What that means may vary depending on what country you live in, so ask the tailor to help you.

You want clothes that fit properly.  Now this applies to everybody, not just Indian men.  But often times, Indian men just getting in the game with Western women will tend to wear clothes that make them seem a little dated.  A little behind the times. And sometimes, they will approach women wearing things that just don’t fit properly. 

Get a nice pair (or two) of black business shoes.  Splurge a little bit.  There’s a big difference between “cheap” business shoes and nice business shoes.  

Make sure your pants break properly over the shoe.  The tailor can help you with that. High-waters or too much material bunching up at the shoe isn’t helping anybody.  Make sure your belt color and shoe color are the same.

Absolutely no open-toe shoes when hitting on western Women.  

Dressing this way projects a sense of authority, success, confidence.  

2. Be Fresh & Clean.  

It’s easy to think that something like this should go without saying.  

Unfortunately far too many Indian guys neglect this.  If this applies to you, then you need to take action immediately.  Get a western hair cut.  Shave your face.  If you want to have a lite goatee, that’s fine.  But absolutely no big mustaches and beards.  

Make sure your hands and fingernails look clean and trim at all times. If you have no idea, go get a manicure.  Watch what they do and then repeat the process on your own regularly.  

Grooming is extremely important to Western women.  And although I hate having to say this: take a shower, put on some deodorant and cologne.  Sorry but if you walk up to a Western woman smelling like last night’s tikki masala, it’s just not gonna happen. 

3. Stop Staring.  

Western women do not like to be stared at, ogled, cat-called, or anything that makes it obvious you find her attractive from a distance.

If you find her attractive, learn to get over your approach anxiety and walk up to her.  If you do that, and express your interest to her face-to-face, that’s fine.  But if you’re making it obvious that you find her attractive from a distance (like staring), that never works. 

If you have approach anxiety because you don’t have experience making conversation with a Western woman (see below), then you need to learn to talk.  This is probably the most critical skill of all.  You need to learn how to talk to a Western woman, which is different than talking to traditional Indian woman.

Whatever the case may be, you need to get over approach anxiety so that you can go up to women you find attractive and not scare her away with the creepy stare.

4. Stop Acting Desperate.  

There’s a tendency among Indian guys to think that if ‘you like her’ then ‘she must like you.’  This may be cultural. This may be from Bollywood.  Maybe it’s a mix of both. 

Here’s the problem:  acting that way has the EXACT OPPOSITE result from what you want.  

When you act like she ‘needs to’ like you, she backs away.  When you act like ‘you are indifferent’ to whether she likes you or not, she gets comfortable. 

Now be careful, acting ‘indifferent’ does not mean being rude.  Being rude gets you nowhere with Western women.  Indifferent means that you’re confident because you have other choices with women.  Even if you don’t have other choices right now, act like you do. 

Giving her that perception (that you have high self confidence and you're not desperate for her) will get you WAY further with Western woman than acting, tough, rude, or like ‘she should do what you say.’

5. Stop Sending Sexual Messages on Social Media.  

Western women do not respond well to sexual messages or innuendo from men they don’t know well.  This is true in person and it is even more true through messaging and social media. 

Texting and social media are for either (1) setting up dates in real life, or (2) getting to know each other as friends.  

And despite what people say, getting to know a woman as a friend online before moving forward with showing interest in her is perfectly fine.  You don’t want to get together as friends. But initially getting to know someone online like that is fine. 

Finally, the last and most important skill of all: "learn how to talk to Western women."  It's a skill that can be learned.  There's even a formula to do it.  If you'd like to learn more about our course that will make you conquer everything from approach anxiety to mastering Endless Conversation, then check out the link below. 

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