How To Drink Tequila

Tequila Kino

The simplest form of Tequila Kino is her holding a shot of tequila between her breasts (in the cleavage) and you taking it with your mouth and downing it.  No hands required.

Now before you say: “that’s never going to work,” you need to understand two things.  

First, this works a lot more often than you think.  Second, (and here’s the real key to all this) this technique “works” even when it doesn’t work, as will become clear to you in a moment.

Tequila Kino is a fantastic suggestive technique to get her thinking about (1) sex, and (2) you, at the same time.  As you should know from How To Talk About Sex, a girl needs to think about you and sex at the same time, before she has sex with you.  Getting her to think about you and sex is very important.  There are many techniques to accomplish this.  Think of Tequila Kino is just one technique in your arsenal.  And it’s a fun one. 

If you didn’t catch my main point in the last paragraph, let me clarify.  Even if she doesn’t agree to let you take a shot of tequila from between her breasts, the suggestion got her thinking about you and sex together.  That’s how it “works” even when it “doesn’t work.”  

Get it?

Plus, when she does agree to the “titty shot” (which if you follow the steps I outline below will be about 50/50) it’s always a lot of fun and it sets the sexual stage for the rest of the night.

Obviously this works best with a woman who has ample cleavage and is showing it off.  If you’re attracting a woman with small tits or who isn’t appropriately dressed, save this technique for another time.

Setting The Stage

Before you suggest this to a woman, you need to be seeing signs of attraction.  This means that you’ve been flirting and escalating through touch (at least a little) already.  She should be smiling and laughing.  She should be turning toward you and/or leaning in toward you.  You two should be vibing.  She should be having a good time.

You should avoid this technique for the first drink.  Save it for the second or third drink.  Save it until you see the signs of attraction noted above and you’ve been talking with her for at least 15 minutes.  These are general guidelines.  You can obviously adjust based on the particular circumstances, but the key is not to suggest this too early, otherwise you might get a slap in the face and then she leaves.  That would be pointless.

The Script

Here is exactly what you say and do.  Follow this battle-tested script as closely as possible:

The two tequila shots your ordered have arrived, now it’s time to make the suggestion.  When you say this, you do it totally nonchalantly (with just a touch of joking around – and The Smirk).  

Again, nonchalantly, like you’re simply explaining how things are normally done.  You’re not asking a question here.

You: “Look so we have to take these shots a certain way.  I don’t know if you’re aware but there’s this old Mexican superstition that if you drink fine tequila from your own hand, that you’ll never meet the person of your dreams.  You have to have someone else hold the tequila.  I know it sounds ridiculous, but everyone I grew up with swears by it.  So what we need to do is, you’re going to hold the shot glass like this –”

Now as you say “hold the shot glass like this” you’re going to pick up one of the shots and motion like you’re going to place it in her cleavage.  Literally move your hand that’s holding the shot to where it’s just hovering over her cleavage by a few centimeters.  Don’t actually touch her cleavage, just hover your hand there for a moment like you’re demonstrating that the shot should rest between her breasts.

After a few moments, when your point is clear, put the shot glass back down on the bar as you keep talking.

You: “— so then (now you make movements to demonstrate as you explain) I’m gonna salt, I’m gonna bow to pick up the glass with my mouth (you can do a little bow toward, but again not touching, her tits), then I’m gonna tilt it back, and them I’m going to finish with the lime.”

Then you stop talking and just look at her (strong eye contact; strong smirk).

If she’s attracted to you at all (which she should be before even trying this technique) you should see some sort of sly/coy/skeptical/mischievous look on her face.  She may not say anything for a few beats.  Her mind is mulling over the mildly sexual suggestion you just made and figuring out how to respond.  Remember, if she’s silent, some part of her subconscious mind is actually considering this.  So just smile casually, look confident and don’t say anything.       

Most of the time, she will reject the idea at first.  That’s fine.  She might call bullshit on the Mexican superstition.  She might say ‘no way in hell’ to this idea.   She might just start laughing.  Whatever she does, it doesn’t really matter because you’re going to continue in basically the same way.

So, if she’s rejecting the idea, you flip it around on her (again this is all said in a joking, playful way):  “Really….you don’t want me to find my true love?  The girl of my dreams?  I see how you are.  Well I’m not that cold-hearted.  I’m not going to do that to you.  So why don’t you shoot first, and I’ll hold the glass between my pecs for you to take.”

At this point, you start acting like you’re going to take your shirt off.  You should be playfully dramatic.  Drag it out a little bit.  She should start giggling.  Maybe she puts her hand over her face in mild embarrassment.  You can act like you’re starting to lift the shirt.  If you’ve got a nice stomach, let her see a little bit.  If it’s button up shirt, undo a few of the top buttons.  Play around.  You don’t need to actually take your shirt off, just play around like you’re going to.

Now while you’re doing this, you should be quizzing her to make sure she understands what to do: “Ok so you understand what you’re supposed to do right?  I’m going to put the shot between my pecs and you have to take the whole thing with your mouth.  No hands.  Got it?”

Two things can generally happen here.  First, she may reach out and put her hand on your arm (or something like that) to stop you from taking your shirt off.  Alternatively she may just verbally indicate not to take your shirt off like “no, no, no, it’s ok.”  Either way is great because she’s the one who stopped you.

Second, she might just do or say nothing.  If that happens, then you stop yourself after a little bit of playing around: “you know what, I’m not sure you’re ready to see my statuesque figure yet….maybe we’ll have to wait till the next round of drinks.”

Either way, after the charade of you taking off your shirt ends, you look at her and say (playfully): “So what are we going to do?  Should we spit in the face of the superstition by holding our own glasses?”

Asking her this is great because it gives her an “out.”  She’s the final decision maker.  You’re not putting any pressure onto her or pushing her to do something she doesn’t want.  Honestly, I’d say that 50% of the time, this is the moment she agrees to letting you take the shot from between her tits.

There are two reasons for this.  First, many girls (particularly those who show up to bars with their cleavage hanging out) will do this with a guy they find attractive, the they just generally need a minute or two to get comfortable with the idea.  As I said, she will most likely reject it at first (kind of a knee-jerk rejection).  But if she finds you attractive and you play it cool, she can warm up to the idea pretty fast.  Second, the more you seem like you don’t care about the outcome, the more likely she is to agree.  By giving her an “out” and taking the pressure off, it makes it much easier for her to agree.

If she agrees, she might start asking some “logistics” questions, like who will place the glass there, how you’re going to take it with your mouth, whatever.  None of that matters.  If she’s asking those questions, she’s already agreed, and you just go through the motions of explaining again until she’s ready.

If she still disagrees, my experience is that she will often start immediately coming up with alternatives.  For example:

  • just take it off the bar with your mouth not your hands;
  • she’ll hold it in her hand and “feed it” to you; 
  • she’ll hold it in her hand in front of her tits, but not actually in her tits. 

One time I had a girl put the shot between her legs (on the chair) pressed right up against the honeypot.  She apparently found this perfectly acceptable even though the jugs were off limits at that point in the interaction (go figure).  Anyway, I took the shot.

So if she's giving alternatives, don't take the bait right away.  Be a little challenging and try to come up with the alternative that allows the most touching of each other.  Then come to an agreement or just accept the alternative she likes best.

That’s pretty much it.  She’ll either agrees or disagrees at this point.  Important point to keep in mind though: sometimes she’ll disagree now, but warm up to the idea 30 minutes later on the next round of shots.  So that’s why I always say, never be upset with a rejection.  Just be completely unphased by it.  In fact, it’s being unphased and not insisting that makes her warm up to it.  As with most things in attraction, the more you want it, the less she wants to give it.  The less you seem to care, the more she wants to give. 

And just to reiterate, even if she isn’t into the idea, that doesn’t matter.  You’ve accomplished the goal of having her start to think about sex and you at the same time, merely by making the suggestion and then you two bantering about it.  So if it isn't "working," just move on to something else.


Before we conclude, let me give you 3 alternatives to the basic “Cup Holder” approach. These alternatives can add even more fun to the interaction, provided she agrees in the first place.  To accomplish these, make the suggestion exactly the same way as above.  Once she agrees in general, you can then switch around the details to any of these methods that you want.  And remember, the more you two are "discussing" these alternatives, the more "you" and "sex" are being thought about in the same conversation.

Method 1:  The Cup Holder – This is the basic one we discussed above.  She holds the shot glass in her cleavage.  You handle your own salt (if you want any) then you bow forward, wrap the entire top of the glass with your mouth, tip your head back and take the shot.

Method 2:  Salty Jugs – This is the same as the Cup Holder, except in addition to her holding the glass, you put a small bit of salt on her tits, around the sides of the glass.  Think: someplace lickable.  This can be done “almost by accident,” like with one quick shake of the salt shaker.  If you can spill just a drop of tequila onto her, it will help the salt stick.  Then you lick it off before taking the shot. 

Method 3:  Bobbing for Citrus – In this version, you change you mind at the last minute and instead of putting the shot glass between her tits, you slip in the lime wedge.  Make sure to tuck it down there just a little too far.  You don’t want to make it too easy on yourself to retrieve after the shot.  

Method 4:  The Kiss – This version works well with a woman you’ve kissed already.  Or where the attraction has built nearly to the point of kissing.  You perform either the Cup Holder or the Salty Jugs method, with the added bonus of having her hold the lime wedge in her mouth.

Once the shot is done, take the lime from her mouth, using your mouth, and as you do so, hold a little too long with your lips touching hers.  Give her a half kiss (half because it’s impossible to do a great kiss with a lime wedge in the way).  If she seems receptive to it, take the lime wedge out of your mouth, and lean in for a real kiss.

When you do any of these, make sure to put your hands on her hips as you lean in for the shot, the lime, the kiss, or whatever.  Put your hands on her.  Take your time.  If you execute this correctly, the sexual stage is set.  Highly likely she’s going home with you tonight.

And again, even if you suggest it and she tells you it’s ridiculous and to forget it, that’s fine. Just move on.  You’ve triggered her mind to think about you and sex together.  

Task completed. 

One last thing.  You don't want to go overboard on this one.  For example, if she agrees to it, don't then try to take every shot for the rest of the night from between her tits.  That might make you look like a boob-hungry jack ass (and a little too boob-needy).  So just do it once (unless she pushes you to do it again) and then continue flirting and escalating as you normally would.  Those tits will be ready for you when you get back to her place.  No need to get too greedy in the bar. 


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