Does It Take Money To Get Girls?

For 4 years guys have been asking me if you need money to get hot girls. 

Here’s what I always tell them:  There are lots of guys with money who have little or no luck with girls. 

There are also guys with money who have lots of luck.  So what’s the difference?

The difference is this:  Guys with lots of luck have control over their time.  They own their lives.  

Guys with no luck often sell their time.  They suffer day after day in drudging 9-to-5 jobs making other people rich. The don’t own their lives.  They are just gears in a machine that controls their vacations, their weekends, and their lives.  

The exhilaration and excitement that comes from owning your life resonates out of you.  It’s palpable.  You can see it in your eyes.  Women see it.  Women are excited by it. 

That’s what’s attractive.  It's your excitement, not the money itself.   

Like I said, there are plenty of overweight, balding, miserable guys with money who start work at 7:00 am and sluggishly flop down on the couch after work at 6:00 pm.  

They have money.  But they have no control over their lives.  They don’t have time to go to the gym.  They don’t have time to take care of themselves.  

And nothing about that is attractive.

The next question guys ask me is:  How did you escape the 9-to-5 grind?  How are you able to make enough income every month, working from your laptop?

First I remind them:  "Not just working from my laptop, working from anywhere I want, on my laptop."  You see that’s the real key.  It’s the freedom.  It’s the lifestyle.

That’s what’s attractive.  Women are literally mesmerized by a man’s ability to be completely in control of his own life.  Sleep in.  Take a private yacht out on the bay.  Fly to London.  Watch the sunset over Santorini. 

And make money while doing it.

Look I'm not saying that if you follow my system you're going to retire to some 10 million dollar mansion next week.  Let's be realistic.

However what's your current income?  $20K per year?  $50K per year?  $100K per year?  What if you could simply replace that income working for your laptop?  Then you'd own your time.  Would that be enough money to enjoy your life once you finally took control of it?  

Well I’ll tell you right now that the figures above are absolutely possible.  There are plenty of people making that much and more working from their laptops. 

And it doesn’t matter your age or where you live in the world. Anybody can make money like this working from their laptop.    

Let me ask you a question. What are you good at? What skills do you have?

If you’re friends introduced you to somebody else, how would they describe you?


For example: “This is Jarrad.  He’s one of the best [here is where they are saying something awesome about you] I’ve ever known.

What are you wasting your time on YouTube watching?  Really – the skills you need to replace your annual salary from your laptop can be almost anything.

Are you a gamer?  Tattoo artist?  Build choppers?  Understand investing?  Outdoor guy?  Stylish dude?  Make handmade knives?  Read?  Hunt?  Paintball?  Started lifting?  Dancing?  Into martial arts?

Can you throw the best tailgate party the world has ever seen? 


Dunk a basketball?  Nerd-out on time management?  

Fix cars?  Talk conspiracies?  Read tarot cards?  Name every brand of beer available in the world?

Literally anything.

There are guys making money online right now destroying cell phones inside of blenders.  There are guys who play video games all day and get paid for it.  

There is a market for anything….

You know what else?  These guys (even though they don’t tell you about it) are getting women too.  All the time. Because these guys are in control of their lives.  They have money and are in control.  Now that’s the recipe for hot girls.

Now you might be thinking: “But wait….I’m not a marketer.  I don’t know anything about online business.  I don’t know how to build a website.  I’m too old.  Etc.  Etc.”

All of these excuses are likely very similar to the excuses you have for not getting the hot women you want.  “I’m afraid to approach.  Don’t know what to say.  Not good looking enough.  Whatever.”

Take a moment right now to reflect on your life.  Do you have the money you want?  Do you have the girls you want?  More importantly – do you have the freedom you want?

A few weeks from now I’m going to be launching my new book: The Audience Influencer.

This book is going to show you step-by-step how to build your influencer platform, quit your 9-to-5 hell, and replace your income using your laptop. 

Oh and here’s a little secret:  If you want to do more than just replace your income.  If you really go at this thing full force.  If you take this seriously.  You can blow-up way bigger than that.  

The sky is basically the limit.

Remember: ANYONE can make money like this online.

The book will show you how.

If you want to get your copy of the book before I release it to the general public?  Then drop in your email below and you’ll be the first to know when it becomes available.  

So what are you prepared to do in order to own your life?  Are you prepared to make an investment in yourself?  Are you ready to fire your boss -- you know, the guy with the IQ that’s half of yours and the waist-size that’s double?  Are you ready to learn exactly what it takes to get the hot girls you’ve always wanted – and make money in the process? 

Imagine for a moment waking up on a trip to the French Riviera…

White curtains are billowing in the breeze by your private balcony.  You look out over the glorious turquoise bays.  The smell of local-roast expresso is wafting through the air, intoxicating your senses.

Your Turkish robe is soft and expensive.  Your breakfast is arriving on a silver cart, pushed by a butler in a tuxedo.  Snoozing in your lush silk sheets is beautiful French girl who was swept away last night by your whit, charm and confidence.  You swipe open your phone and check your deposits.  There it is, money deposited last night while you were busy with this girl.  More money on the way.

You are one of the lucky ones.  One of the smart ones who invested in himself and built a life that others can’t even imagine.    

So what do you need to do? 

How are we going to transform you into a guy who replaces his income from his laptop --- and gets all the hot chicks he wants?

Well the first thing is to get your name on the list above for the first release of The Audience Influencer.  If you haven’t done that yet, scroll back up and get it done.

Then, head over to Amazon and get a copy of my best selling book: Make Women Chase You.

This 25 Day Course will take you from 'good with women' to unstoppable.

If you follow the steps in this course (frankly, if you follow half the steps in this course) you’ll have a flood of women entering your life in the next month.  

Invest in yourself!

After that, come back here and claim your FREE copy of the Marketing Secrets Black Book by my buddy Russell.

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Let's take some massive action and create some massive value (oh...and get a bunch of hot girls).

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