Social Networks Get You Laid

A strong social network is the easiest way to meet girls.  When you’re introduced to girls by someone they know, you immediately bypass a ton of hurdles that come with cold approach.

Also, girls want in-demand guys.  An in-demand guy is someone that other girls want (and more generally, a guy other people want to hang around, because he’s interesting).  Having lots of people interested in hanging out with you, makes you in-demand.

So first you need to build a broad, strong, social network.  Then girls will find you


Step 1: Start Getting Photos With Everyone

You need to become a camera junkie.  Social media is all about photos. So you need to be all about photos too.

Start with everyone you know already.  Get photos and selfies with them and get those pictures posted.  This should be easy and quick to do.

Make sure the photos include YOU, along with other people (particularly girls).  When girls see you with other girls, you start becoming in-demand.  However, when completing this step, just get pictures with everyone, girls, guys and groups of people.

After that, start finding reasons to take photos and selfies with anyone you meet, even if you only know them a little bit.

Hack 199% of the time, there doesn’t need to be a reason to take a selfie/photo.  

People are conditioned to pose and smile whenever a camera appears.  They almost never question it. This doesn’t mean total strangers. But it does mean anyone that has made even a small investment in you (for example, talking with you for just 5 minutes is enough).

Think about this in reverse.  Pretend you’re talking to a girl.  Let’s say it’s not even in a pick-up context.  You’re just talking to a person at school, work, or wherever, for a little bit.  Then randomly she’s like: “hey, quick selfie of us.” She doesn’t wait for a reply (it wasn’t a question). She just holds up her phone, with you and her in the frame.  What would you do?

Exactly.  You would pose and smile.

She didn’t ask you anything.  She didn’t check with you to see if it was OK.  And you didn't think anything of it.  She just held up a camera and said let’s take a photo.

What if instead of a selfie, she just randomly stopped someone walking by and said: “hey would you mind taking a picture of us?”  (That person says “sure.”)  Then she turns side-by-side next to you, and smiles. What do you do?

Same answer as above.  And again, she never asked you.  She just did it.

This is an easy way to grab photos and selfies with lots of people.

So start with these two goals:

  1. Never let a conversation, interaction, meeting, social event, group event, or any similar activity, end without grabbing a few photos.  Make it a habit.  
  1. Have a goal of getting a minimum of 2 photos per day with new people.

Whenever the situation seems to be ending, just hold up your camera for a selfie (or grab a passerby to help you) and say anything like: “hey, quick selfie” or “hey grab a pic in front of [whatever] with me” or (to the passerby) “hey can you take a quick photo of us.”

Don't ask them.  Just do it.  99% of the time they will pose and smile.

Hack 2:  What if the person does ask “why do you want a photo?”  Just tell them that you’re a camera junkie and you like to snap photos with everyone.  This is a true statement (because you are becoming a camera junkie) and will likely convince them.  If they still don’t want to take the photo, then forget it. Just move on.


What Not To Do

Hopefully this goes without saying...but, don’t do any of the following:

  • Don’t try to snap a picture of yourself with some random person you don’t know in the background, pretending that’s your buddy.  That’s just creepy.
  • Don’t stop people randomly and ask: “hey will you take a selfie with me?”  That’s dumb. This approach is for people you are already interacting with (even if the interaction has been brief).
  • And please...don’t go around snapping pictures of random girls from a distance.  That’s just stalker status.

What To Do

Seize every opportunity to take photos and selfies with people you’ve had any kind of interaction with.  Find reasons to take a photo. Or just hold up your camera for no reason at all, and snap some pics.

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Step 2: Start Taking an Interest in People

Once you get photos (remember the goal is 2 per day (minimum) with new people), get them posted.  Then start friending, tagging and interacting with these people.

Right now you should be seeing that if you have an interaction with someone new, but then leave with no photos, it’s very easy to simply forget about them.  However, if you have a photo with them, you have the perfect follow up to (1) friend them and (2) continue the conversation.

You want to take an interest in these people.  You’re not trying to PRETEND to take an interest. You want to ACTUALLY take a genuine interest.  

Start browsing through their photos.  Find something interesting about them.  When people have an interest in something, they usually have photos of themselves doing that activity.

Once you’ve found something, shoot them a message saying it was cool to meet them earlier, and ASK THEM A QUESTION about whatever interesting thing you’ve found.  


  • Hey Jim.  Cool to chat with you earlier.  BTW that’s a sweet pic of you in the hot air balloon.  Where was that taken?
  • Hey Alisha.  Cool talking with you today.  BTW that pic of you surrounded by all those fish is really cool.  How long have you been a scuba diver?
  • What’s up Tony.  Cool to meet you earlier.  Hey I noticed you seem to be an amateur cycler.  Are you training for any upcoming races?

People love to talk about themselves.  So if you take an interest in them (particularly about something they are interested in), they are usually happy to talk about it.      

Once they respond, get a small back-n-forth conversation going.  This doesn’t have to be anything major. Just take an interest in their responses.  Ask them a follow up question. Maybe they’ll start ask you some questions.

The point is to get a lite, casual conversation going with lots of different people.  And because you have a photo with each person already, it makes them naturally more invested in you right from the start.

Hack 3: Mirror their response times.  This is the same as the Golden Rule of texting.  You don’t know these people very well yet.  And everyone is busy.  So don’t bombard them.  And don’t respond quickly when they are responding slowly.  Just mirror them.  If they take 2 days to respond to your question, wait 2 days before following up.

As you do this with enough people, you will start to build acquaintance-level friendships.  Some people will be more interesting to you than others. Some people will really take a liking to you. Some won’t.  

That’s perfectly fine because you don’t need to form deeper relationships with everyone.  Of all the connections you’re building, some will remain acquaintance-level, and some will become deeper friendships in Step 3.  

Last thing in Step 2:  What are YOU interested in?  

If you have hobbies and interests already, great.  If you’re not really sure, start thinking about it.  

Girls (and everyone) find people interesting when they have interesting things going on in their lives.  So what do you have going on?  If nothing, what do you want to have going on?

Are you chatting with someone that’s interested in a topic you may also be interested in?  If yes, then likely they can easily help you get involved in that topic. This would be great conversation to keep moving forward.  Think about this as you perform Step 2 with each person.

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Step 3: Pick Some People to Meet Again in Person

There’s no set time frame for how long Step 2 should continue with any particular person.  It will vary from person to person. Some people will take an instant liking to you, and things will progress quickly.  With others it will move slower.  With some, it will just fizzle out.

Keep Step 2 going until you find people where there seems to be mutual interest.  Again, this may happen quickly in some cases.  At that point, it’s time to regroup in person.  

It’s quite possible that the people you’re talking to will invite you somewhere.  If they don’t, then you initiate.  Ask them to meet up for coffee, or a lite lunch, or a beer.  Say you want to pick their brain more about whatever topic you’ve been discussing.  Keep it simple.


  • “What you’ve been telling me about [whatever topic] is really cool.  You want to grab a coffee sometime this week?  I’d like to hear more about it.”
  • “You cracked me up with your story about [whatever].  You want to grab a beer some afternoon?  I’d like to ask you some questions.”    

Before you meet with them, Google some stuff about the topic.  You want to be knowledgeable and interesting. You want to speak intelligently and ask some good questions.  You want to have something to say.  In 15 minutes of research you can learn a lot.

You never know where these in-person meetings will lead.  Some may result in really good, lifelong friendships.  Some will probably lead nowhere.  Some might be happening, and then two hot chicks who this other guy knows randomly show up, and he invites them to sit down.  Now you and him are sitting with two hot chicks for coffee.  How convenient.

Hack 4:  Always be ready.  Just because you’re grabbing an afternoon beer with a dude, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared to talk to chicks.  You never know when women will randomly walk into your life.  So always look good.  Be ready.  And don't be surprised when it happens. 

BTW, make sure to get some selfies with the two hot chicks as the coffee conversation is ending (and/or selfies with all 4 people).  Post them and repeat the 3-Step Process.

That’s basically it.  Just keep repeating that process with everyone you meet.  Take an interest in other people.  And take an interest in yourself.  Find interesting topics and become knowledgeable. This will lead to lots of conversations online and in-person.  

Soon you will know lots of people.  One person will lead to another.  And everybody knows girls. As soon as you know enough people, you’ll suddenly start to know a bunch of girls.  And that’s when things really get interesting. 

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